We are extremely passionate about  memory and data storage and take great pride in assisting our customers to deliver reliable and innovative technology solutions. We believe our biggest asset is having the right people who share the vision, commitment and values we adhere to at all times. Simms International is aware of corporate social responsibility. It considers its staff as its most important asset, supports charitable enterprises and aims to reduce the impact its business activities has on the environment. Read about our Corporate and Social repsonsibility


Our vision is clear; to be the specialist distributor of choice to original equipment manufacturers and systems integrator companies for industrial memory storage products in the UK. Combining products and services that offer value for money solutions and creating mutually beneficial partnerships.


Our values guide our actions and describe how we conduct ourselves:

  • Knowledge
  • Passionate
  • Professionalism
  • Creativity
  • Caring
  • Fun


Our team have over 130 years experience working only with memory technology since our inception in 1989. To put that into perspective NAND, was invented by Toshiba, and became available commercially from 1987. Throughout this time we have witnessed and helped customers overcome a variety of challenges. It is often said ‘its not what you know but who you know” – when it comes to memory Simms have proven they are the company to know. We have witnessed technology evolve, competitors come and go and data storage technology rise to prominence. Whilst this alone does not qualify us as experts the experience we have gained along the way has proved invaluable to our customers.


Our culture is intrinsically linked to our values, vision and people. We hire the right people that are passionate, honest and ambitious encouraging creative discussion which is built on a diversity of backgrounds, experience, and interests. With the right people in place we put a high value on communication, performing regular reviews of business processes , performance levels and staff happiness. We constantly expand our knowledge by listening to and learning from each other, our customers/partners and industry experts. With this knowledge we have harvested a passionate culture that inspires long term commitment in a relaxed and fun environment.


Simms is committed to the learning and development of it’s staff to encourage growth in individual skills and abilities, to further enhance personal and customer experiences. Simms believes that by nurturing employees through learning and development programs, we retain knowledgeable, well trained staff which reflects in the outstanding service customers and partners receive.


The one constant in our 25 year history has been our unrelenting commitment to understand the technologies and markets we work with in order to add value to our customers. When presented with a memory storage opportunity (or challenge) Simms are dedicated in our quest to find a solution. Unlike most distribution companies memory storage is not an add-on to boost revenue numbers; we live and breath it.