For 25 years Jactrons’ (now Simms) expertise have been called upon to deliver industrial memory solutions and services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and System Integrators across the UK. Below are some of the challenges our customers have faced and how Simms has helped them overcome them.

Custom Power Settings

A globally renowned manufacturer of cardiac diagnostic equipment developed a portable solution that enabled users to record ECG waveforms reliably and accurately on a flash card.

A core challenge was to enhance the operational life time so the device could function for a longer period without charge.

Find out how Simms were able to achieve this.



Technology Migration

Guidance Navigation design and manufacture sophisticated sensors used in marine navigation systems to control the dynamic position of vessels. Guidance relies on the storage of data under harsh conditions.

Due to obsolescence issues with a system component Guidance had to find long term support for an already legacy storage form factor, find out how Simms enabled them to avert a costly redesign in a project that lasted over a decade.

Content Upload & Labelling

Interfleet is one of the worlds leading international rail consultancies. They support the UK’s major railway operators in programming on-train passenger information systems.

When they discovered in consistencies within the announcement system caused by flash device corruption they also discovered the engineering time to perform the upgrade reprogramming was not cost effective. Simms were asked to address both concerns.

Fast Resolution

A world leader in consultancy and system integration services working with the major train operators in the UK developed an advanced mobile payment ticketing solution.

Inherent issues with the incumbent flash storage device caused widespread ticketing machine failures over a 3-6 month period. Once Simms were contacted the issue was found, a new solution tested and replacements supplied within 15 working days from initial contact.

Custom Firmware Settings

A major system integrator based in the UK providing technically advanced solutions and services as a trusted supplier to the MOD and National Security Agencies.

Required a storage device that would offer enhanced boot times ensuring operational readiness for the land based military vehicle computing application.

When off the shelf was not deemed suitable Simms provided their expertise.

Long Term Availability

A global manufacturer of mission management systems for use in Airborne Law Enforcement, Special Forces, Surveillance and Search & Rescue.

Required long term support of a legacy PCMCIA form factor so that they could record and download flight information to be used for post flight analysis.

In a market that was shrinking find out how Simms continue to support them still to this day 8 years on.