Simms Deliver Improved Battery Life for Portable Cardiac Diagnostic Manufacturer

The ability to record patient data of varying complexities reliably, quickly and on the move is essential. Portable devices continue to shape and change the way healthcare professionals enhance and save lives on a daily basis. The emergence of these technologies has created a number of core challenges to device manufacturers. One of the most common is how to preserve battery life and improve operational time so the devices can assist healthcare professionals for longer without charge.


A globally renowned manufacturer of cardiac diagnostic equipment developed a portable solution that enables users to record ECG waveforms reliably and accurately on a flash card. This information is vital for early detection of abnormalities that may lead to cardiac death. Data integrity in this environment is essential.

The Challenge

The global OEM of Cardiac Devices released two different models of their device offering size and weight benefits to the user. Having selected Micro SD and Secure Digital cards to record the ECG waveform data Jactron were initially contacted for their expertise when data integrity was impacted during prototyping. Upon performing our needs analysis Simms also discovered along with endurance issues a core challenge was how to enhance the operational life time so the device could function for a longer period without charge.

Memory Cards & USBs

How Simms Achieved This

Having investigated the endurance issues finding a suitable replacement was a relatively easy task, a simple switch from consumer to industrial grade devices using higher grade NAND eradicated the data integrity issues. This did not solve both of the core challenges because the battery life of the device had not been extended. Using our in-depth knowledge of memory card technology Simms suggested the voltage of the memory card devices could be lowered without compromise on endurance to increase operational lifetime. Working with the device manufacturer, their equipment and our supplier we were able to deliver a customised solution. This reduced the charge drawn from the battery increasing operational time before the need to charge by 15%.

Why Simms?

Simms was chosen due to our in-depth understanding of the technology we specialise in, plus our ability to deliver custom solutions that add value above and beyond the initial scope.

Simms Delivered Because of

  • Thorough needs analysis
  • Partnership with industry leaders
  • Outside the box thinking
  • Customisation services
  • Expertise in Memory Card Technology
  • Technical Capability