Simms Averted Costly Re-Design Exercise for Guidance Navigation

Innovative technology manufacturers are well versed in the complexities of system design and build processes. Unfortunately they are also familiar with the unwanted impact on technical resources and production schedules caused by the sudden obsolescence of vital components. When Guidance Navigation were faced with pending obsolescence issues within their build Simms were on hand to mitigate risk.


Guidance Navigation design and manufacture sophisticated sensors for industrial applications, where quality and reliability are essential. Used in marine navigation systems to control the dynamic position of vessels, as well as automated guided vehicles for logistical transport, Guidance relies on the storage of data under harsh conditions.

The Challenge

Upon the obsolescence of a vital board component Guidance made the considered decision to invest in a significant stock holding. This would fulfill the demands of a lengthy contractual obligation and after life service agreement. This meant they required a storage partner who could provide the matched memory form factor for the entire length of their commitment regardless of circumstances or evolving technology trends. Failure to do so would result in loss of their stock investment but even more costly a complete re-design of their entire system.

How Simms Achieved This

Whilst product was important because of the demands on quality and reliability in a harsh environment it was secondary to service and expertise. In a project spanning over a decade Simms had to navigate technology advancements within NAND flash market developments twice. Each time we managed obsolescence and helped migrate seamlessly offering software and hardware customisation. When notified of the third technology advancement and  finally faced with no suitable replacement Guidance took advantage of our just in time stock facility to complete the project.

Why Simms?

Simms was chosen due to our expertise in industrial grade storage and our dedication to bespoke services to support system designers and equipment manufacturers.

Simms Delivered Because of

  • Intimate Knowledge of Our Customers Business
  • World Class Supplier Portfolio
  • Expertise in Industrial Memory Solutions
  • Proactive Obsolescence Management
  • Customisation Services
  • Dedication to Quality