Simms Deliver Long Term Availability for Mission Management System

In contracts awarded to Aerospace and Defence manufacturers, the complexities of the system and materials required to deliver a solution are exhaustive. Some programs must be supported for a minimum time frame of 10+ years.  Cost and availability benefits dictate Commercially Off The Shelf (COTS) are often integrated. Each component is subject to thorough testing and qualification but the challenge lies in managing COTS technology due to the much shorter product life-cycle when compared to the program support required.


A world leader of mission management systems for use in Airborne Law Enforcement, Special Forces, Surveillance and Search & Rescue, contacted Jactron because they required a PCMCIA based storage solution which would record information on flight logging and communications links. They then had to be removable to perform post flight analysis and re-tasking.

The Challenge

At the time of adoption PCMCIA cards were still considered to be fairly close to the beginning of their product life-cycle. Fast forward several years with the evolution of NAND and removable memory formats, demand decreased and supply dwindled as PCMCIA card manufacturers switched their attentions to technologies we are more familiar with today. The challenge the manufacturers of the mission systems faced was to find a supplier who could still source PCMCIA ATA technology but even more importantly continue to do so for another 10 years!

How Simms Achieved This

Simms only work with true industrial manufacturers of flash storage devices. The very ethos of “industrial” is to make sure the technologies you work with are designed to be available for the longest time period possible. When other manufacturers moved away from PCMCIA technology ours stayed loyal to their industrial routes. This meant not only did we still have reliable supply (and still do) we also were able to implement the industrial control standards such as a 6 Month Part Change and Last Time Buy Notifications to manage obsolescence risks. On top of this Simms implemented a long period Just In Time (JIT) stock facility, ensuring there were no unexpected supply surprises for this legacy technology.

Why Simms?

Simms was chosen because of our commitment to industrial process and technology coupled with our supply chain management expertise.

Simms Delivered because of

  • Just In Time Stock Services
  • Technology Roadmap Insights
  • Commitment to Industrial
  • Proactive Obsolescence Management
  • Supplier Partnerships
  • Legacy Technology Support