Simms International plc provides industrial grade memory and data storage solutions to a plethora of Industries which include; Aerospace, Defence, Transportation, Marine, Medical, Telecommunications, Infotainment and Energy amongst others. To read more about the industries we work in click here.

We provide a wide range of solutions, capacities and form factors across these industries. Capacities can range from 512KB to 8TB, with legacy SRAM and Linear Flash Cards right up to today’s high capacity SSD’s, Simms can safely say it has one of the most extensive vendor product portfolios in the UK backed up by  advice from a team that has over 120 years of memory and storage technical expertise.

Industrial grade is completely different to consumer grade. On the outside it might look the same but its underneath where the major differences are. Find out more about the differences.

Some of the most common differences are: Wide operating temperature, highest grade of materials, NAND Flash and conformal coating. Industrial Grade is highly customisable and often bespoke manufactured to accommodate low capacity run rates. Lead times are often 10-15 working days (Depending on quantities) but can vary drastically between manufacturer.