We have a wealth of experience in the Security sector providing industrial grade memory and data storage solutions. From the manufacturers we represent we can offer different solutions for different applications. From SSD’s with AES encryption to external hardrives with fingerprint recognition and FIPS 140-2/3, FIPS-197 certified storage devices, we offer a multitude of solutions. In addition some of the solutions we offer can be customised; conformal coating, formatting and in addition are available in different form factors including M.2, mSATA, 2.5 “SSD.    

Are you GDPR ready?

How does the Brexit vote affect GDPR compliance. The quick answer is that it doesn’t change anything at all for a few reasons:

  • The UK will still be a member of the EU on May 25, 2018 when the law comes into force, unless in the exit from the EU, the UK manages to have a staged exit where before that date it declares it will not be governed by new regulations.
  • Most UK-based organisations will have data on individuals living in the remaining 27 EU member states (including UK citizens living in the EU) and so will have to comply even after leaving the EU.
  • UK data protection laws are contained in the Data Protection Act 1998 and this covers broadly similar ground, though the penalties are not as high (max £500,000)

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