At Simms we support Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM’s) , System Integrators and Designers with “best of breed” memory solutions and wider industrial services.

We understand when it comes to adding value, our service lives longer in the minds of our customers than product advice or fulfilment alone. That is why we offer bespoke services designed to help our customers manage risk and control quality.

icons-15       Just In Time (JIT)

When a production schedule is missed due to components from a Build Of Material (BOM) not arriving on time we know the impact that has and the pressures it causes. That is why we invested in bespoke Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to deliver a JIT service to our customers. Depending on the requirement, we offer the facility* to schedule stocks in advance so they can be available for next day delivery at anytime during a build to alleviate this risk. The added bonus is this service also allows our customers to benefit from a fixed cost for the term of their project and improved cash flow. As we offer this service for periods up to 60 Months* it can also be used to help overcome obsolescence issues long after a product is not available in the market place. We also appreciate that forecasts change so we offer flexibility* in the event time frames needs to be adjusted according to our customers changing schedules. * Subject to T&C’s.

icons-04        Supply Longevity

Once Simms is selected as a your storage provider we ensure that we are able to supply tested and approved memory for the lifetime of your product and beyond. We dedicate time and resource to understanding the industry trends so our customers can be the first to know of any developments that might impact on their supply. We attend global events  dedicated to industrial memory and harness the relationships we hold with world class manufacturing partners and other industry leading specialists to ensure the information we give is 100% correct. We also take a proactive approach to obsolescence management and product migration so when changes do happen your application wont be without a suitable data storage component.

icons-14       Customisation

We understand no two projects are ever the same and each will have its own set of demands. Our selection of world class technology partners and our intimate knowledge of the technology and markets we focus on has allowed us to develop a comprehensive range of customisation services so we can support the project whatever the challenge.

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icons-01       Obsolescence Management

All of the industrial memory storage options that Simms provide come with Part Change (PCN) and a Last Time Buy (LTB) Notifications. Our ERP system used to record the Build of Materials also manages and alerts our customers via email of pending obsolescence issues with a memory component that has been bought or sampled. As well as our state of the art system which informs our customers using their part codes our experienced business development team proactively contact key stakeholders to ensure they are received and action-ed on. Typical Notification periods are managed via NAND Flash type SLC = Up to 6 Months MLC = Up to 3 Months DRAM = Dependent on selection.

icons-13       Controlled Build of Materials (BOM)

We have seen it many times before; considerable time, engineering resource and cost are spent to ensure your application complies with the demands required of it. Components are tested individually for compatibility and to ensure they meet the standards required within the whole system. The problem is when not using industrial memory the part code remains the same but the components within a storage device will change several times without notice. This means the expense of time, resource and cost have all been for nothing as the approval you are left with matches in part code only. At Simms we understand how important it is to not only control the BOM but manage it. To this end we can offer BOM tracking and standard operating procedures (SOP). The ultimate goal once you have made your approval is to ensure business as usual until informed of a change, Jactron and our suppliers offer 3 or 6 month notification periods at this stage.

ICON_Failure_analysis_reports     Failure Analysis Reports (FAR)

Our customers use the storage devices we provide in global applications or mission critical equipment. When and if a problem arises we know it is important that the route of the issue is found quickly so potential risk can be calculated. We offer a full failure analysis report on all potentially defect items and a comprehensive RMA policy so that resolution can be found in a timely manner. Often we find the issue is not a storage issue but we undertake the work anyway so our customers can rule out the storage as a point of concern and look to find where the real issues lie.

ICON_Project_registration     Project Registration

Simms offers project registration services designed to help reduce costs, manage supply control, track build of materials and add a competitive advantage to our customers. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is capable of recording all project details in a centralised location. Regardless of the support required or developments each team member has instant access to the information allowing for a more dynamic conversation with our customers. We are happy to sign any Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) required and we have them in place with all of our partners. Added to this our business development managers and executive management team are Security Cleared (SC) so you can trust Simms to handle any information you share with the integrity and sensitivity you would expect.

ICON_Conformity_and_compliance     Conformity and Compliance

For 25 years Simms have supported the Aerospace & Defence, Energy, Industrial and Transportation sectors we understand the importance of regulation and meeting industry specific standards. The products Simms and our partners supply conform with RoHS REACH (SHVC) WEEE, CE standards and the components used are ethically sourced. We can provide a certificate of  conformance (COC) on request.

ICON_Traceability     Traceability

We are approved distributors for all of our technology partners who are selected as they work directly with semiconductors. They ensure the components they use are ALL of original origin and our BOM control services means we can help you track every module we supply back to its original origin.