Our core capabilities evolve constantly so we can guarantee that, whatever the touch point is with memory or data storage technology, Simms is best placed to serve your needs. Partnership with Simms enables customers to focus on their core business, safe in the knowledge that  their storage requirements are in expert hands.

Customer Understanding

For our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and System Integrator/Designer customers we understand that their expertise lies in creating innovative technologies to address specific industry challenges. This may mean improving an existing solution with regard to cost, functionality and technological advancement or the introduction of pioneering methods that highlight gaps in the market and/or address customer or industry challenges that were previously unknown. At  Simms we get to know our customers’ businesses intimately, so that we understand their goals and can support them in achieving success.

ICON_Expert     Industrial Memory Expertise

Consumer-grade memory technologies are now traded like commodities, with deals based solely on best price. As a result, numerous companies claiming to be industrial memory solution experts have emerged. At Simms, industrial is part of our DNA – for over 25 years we have refined our industrial processes and systems in partnership with our customers. Our people are trained exclusively on industrial technologies, methods and techniques by leading industry figures. We have worked on a vast number of projects delivering in excess of 2,000,000 industrial memory units into multiple market sectors. Alongside our customers we have solved many complex challenges and it is this combination of people, experience, knowledge, processes, systems and partnerships that qualifies us as true experts.

icon_supply-chain-management_250x250-fw   Supply Chain Management

Simms offers a range of services that help eliminate the risk of hidden costs and only establishes close relationships with industrial suppliers whom we know we can rely on to meet our customers’ and our own expectations. We know how niche our sector is and that many of our customers are required to manage a vast and complex build of materials on a global scale. This often results in strategic decisions to either outsource supply chain management or free-issue components to sub-contractors for assembly. Simms can effectively engage with a large number of contract electronic manufacturerd and electronic component distribution companies. We are happy to work with them on your behalf to meet your project needs.

ICON_Cost_reduction     Cost Reduction

Keeping operational and technology costs to a minimum without compromising on service levels or reliability is an everyday challenge for our customers. That is why we strive to ensure that the services and products we offer not only improve total cost of ownership but also offer value for money at every stage of the product life-cycle. We apply a holistic approach which is reviewed regularly with our partners and customers.

ICON_Technology_migration     Technology Migration

A strategic change in direction, obsolescence avoidance, enhanced functionality and cost reduction are just some of the many reasons why our customers have to change their systems (entirely or partially) and deploy different data storage devices within them. We can offer advice on form, fit and function along with insights into product life-cycles, market trends and technology road maps to help eliminate risk. Once a technology is selected our sample program and BOM controls ensure a smooth transition.

ICON_Technical_support     Technical Support

Technology is advancing the performance of critical tasks on a daily basis but it is not without its limitations. We are contacted frequently for help overcoming issues with memory and data storage devices because existing suppliers simply do not have the answers or cannot provide the level of service required and are known for our ability to offer guidance and resolution as fast as possible. Our specialist engineers, trained by industry leaders in memory storage solutions, can be available for next day consultation anywhere in the UK.

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