Specialised E13 storage solutions for all in-vehicle computing systems

Innodisk’s flash and DRAM products for in-vehicle computing systems are designed for operation in the harsh interior of automobiles. Our low power consumption, and heat and shock resistance make our most reliable automotive storage solution. This series of products are radiation resistant, and compliant with the standards of E-Mark (EU), SAE J1113 (US), and ISO 7637-2.

Still using average storage products for your vehicle systems?

There are many challenges when it comes to designing products for in-vehicle computing systems. The power supply for a vehicle can be affected by many factors, and power supply instability and power shortage are common issues. To effectively operate outdoors, these systems need to work under high temperature, strong vibrations, humid and dusty environments. Most in-vehicle systems use ARM architecture, requiring specialised storage solutions to ensure stability.

Innodisk’s in-vehicle computing storage solutions can help you face the challenges of the harsh interior environments of vehicles.

Innodisk’s in-vehicle computing storage solutions use iCell technology to save data during sudden power failures, and with a low power consumption design, they can prevent problems caused by power volatility in vehicles. Our products are compliant with the United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810F/G, so that the storage system can remain fully operational during strong impact. The thermal sensor and wide temperature range design protect the system against extreme weather conditions, and the conformal coating prevents problems caused by moisture, dust, and chemicals to extend the products’ life cycle. Innodisk offers 32-bit DRAM for systems using ARM architecture; this option is a rarity in the market.

Characteristics of Our In-Vehicle Computing Storage Solutions:

  • Radiation-resistance certified by automotive standards (Flash)
  • Exclusive iCell and iData Guard technologies, to prevent data loss during power failures (Flash)
  • Low power consumption design (Flash)
  • Thermal sensor and wide temperature range
  • Rugged design and compliant with MIL-STD-810 F/G
  • Conformal coating compliant with MIL- I-46058C
  • Supports systems using the ARM architecture (DRAM)

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