EOL Notification for APRO A19nm MLC Products

Manufacturer , APRO have issued and End of Life notification for 19nm MLC for the following products; Last Buy Date: 31st July, 2016 Last Shipment Date: 31st October, 2016 Series Product Link to APRO website Alternate Solution PHANES-AR R2SR (2.5″ SATA w/DDR3) https://www.apro-tw.com/Databank/EOL/2016/EOL_097-XX2SR-PACTMA-0V1.pdf PHANES-HR HERMES-F P8SF (1.8″ microSATA) https://www.apro-tw.com/Databank/EOL/2016/EOL_097-XP8SF-JFCTMA-0V1.pdf NA BON-II 2SR-FE/SE (2.5″ SATA w/FE […]

Innodisk EOL notice 1603 – A19nm MLC Nand

Innodisk has announced that they will be discontinuing Toshiba A19nm MLC flash series products for; 3ME Series | 3IE series | 3MG-P Series | 3MR-P Series | 3MG2-P Series |3ME3 Series | ICF / EDC 1ME Series | USB 3ME / 2ME Series  This will effect the following form factors  2.5″ SSD | 1.8″ SSD | SLIM SSD | mSATA […]

ATP End of Life Notification

ATP have issued an End of Life (EOL) notification for 512MB SLC eUSB with 2.54nm connector and 2GB-16GB SLC eUSB with 2.00nm connector. This EOL is effective immediately Affected part numbers are; P/N Description Specification AF512SSGH-AABXP ATP Industrial Grade USB 512MB SLC eUSB SSD 2.54nm with Power PRotector   P/N Description Specification AF2GSSGI-UACXP ATP Industrial […]