With the advancement of digital video formats, the requirements for data storage has followed suit. Up until now this has largely been handled by traditional HDD solutions; however system integrators are quickly facing an impasse. HDD which utilizes moving mechanical parts for storage is nearing its limits for size and capacity, while also struggling to deliver the speed and stability that is necessary. In addition, simultaneous read/write operations might exceed the HDDs specification and ultimately lead to data loss.

Using SSDs for surveillance applications have previously been dismissed due to a fear of a low mean time between failure (MTBF) and high costs. These were just concerns in the earlier days of SSD technology but with the right optimization these problems can be efficiently mitigated. When looking at the total cost of ownership (TCO), SSD solutions can in many situations prove to be the more cost efficient alternative.

InnoREC™ – consistently smooth performance

InnoRec™ from Innodisk is  designed specifically for the 3MV2-P range of storage, for use in the surveillance industry. Through the smart integration of firmware and hardware, the speed and steady performance required by modern surveillance solutions is fully met, with no loss of frame data and seamless playback in stunning quality.

InnoREC™ is available in 5 different form factors, click on the form factor below for technical, features, capacities and part numbers.

2.5" SSD



M.2 S80

slim SATA

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