ATP eMMC  – designed for the industrial market

The ATP industrial e.MMC is an advanced storage solution that integrates NAND flash memory, a sophisticated flash controller, and a fast MultiMedia Card (MMC) interface in the same package. By incorporating these components in an integrated package, ATP e.MMC manages all background operations internally, freeing the host from handling low-level flash operations for faster and more efficient processing.

Smaller than a typical postage stamp, ATP e.MMC comes in a 153-ball fine pitch ball grid array (FBGA package). The tiny footprint makes it perfectly suitable for embedded systems with space constraints but require rugged endurance, reliability and durability in harsh environments.

ATP e.MMC is built to meet the tough demands of industrial applications. As a soldered-down solution, it is secure against constant vibrations. Its industrial temperature rating means that severe scenarios from freezing cold -40°C to blistering hot 85°C will not cause adverse impact on the device or the data in it.

ATP eMMC is ideal for; Surveillance, IoT gateways / 5G small cell, automation, test and measurement, embedded PC’s, medical, drones, trnasportation, networking and mobile/handheld computers

*All performance is collected or measured using ATP proprietary test environment, without file system overhead

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