Every year, over 20 million unprotected USB drives go missing. If the data stored on those drives ends up in the wrong hands, you can lose public trust, put private information at risk and face the embarrassment of a security breach notification. Encrypted USB flash drives are an essential component of a comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) strategy. An encrypted device with antivirus means your IT network will more robust, especially if you have remote and mobile workers.

Simms are the one of the largest providers of encrypted devices and managed solutions in Europe. In 2016 we sold over 70,000 units in the UK alone. Do you know that new EU data protection regulations (GDPR) come into force in May 2018. Read more about GDPR and preparing for it here.

DataLocker SafeConsole

Compatible products for DataLocker SafeConsole include

Compatible products for IronKey EMS include

DataLocker IronKey H350 Encrypted External Hard Drive

Key features of the DataLocker SafeConsole include;

  • Control – enforce policies such as password rules, file-type restrictions or geographic boundaries. Reset passwords, switch endpoints into read only mode, and even remotely wipe them in case of loss or theft.
  • Inventory – monitor all your encrypted endpoints, including their location anywhere in the world.
  • Complete Audit trail – see which files are saved to or deleted from your encrypted endpoints at any given moment.
  • Report – Centrally handle the state of the devices over the Internet, setting them as disabled or lost- even perform factory resets remotely.
  • Manadotry password protection -stored data is protected by an enforced password following a strong password policy.
  • Hardware Encryption of all data – automatic, full hardware encryption of 100% all data.
  • Hardware brute force protection – offers true brute-force protection on the chipset, with a password attempt counter built into the hardware.
  • Portable standalone User-Mode Software – user-friendly software is used to unlock the devices.
  • Watch the SafeConsole overview

Key Features of the IronKey EMS include;

  • Simplify compliance with security regulations by giving system administrators control over drives deployed across the enterprise
  • Deploy and manage devices easily with this cloud-based or on-premises solution
  • Quickly and easily establish and secure a centralized workspace or storage command center
  • Efficiently and cost-effectively protect data by administering usage and encryption policies, password restrictions, and more from a central console
  • Flexible role-based administration
  • Ensure devices stay current with the latest software through a ‘Force Update’ feature available in select IronKey devices
  • Monitor drives in the field with a powerful, flexible asset tracking system
  • Enable users to reset their own passwords without contacting their administrator or help desk personnel with the on-premises solution

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