Simms has 30 years of experience in providing world-class industrial and embedded solutions

Industrial and embedded computing is on the rise and demand for advanced technology to increase productivity and connected devices to make our lives easier has never been more apparent. Industrial and embedded computing is at the forefront of this boom, with multiple memory and storage solutions available for thousands of different applications.

The Solution

Choosing the right memory and storage technology for any application is not straightforward and careful consideration must be given to the fit, form and function. Other considerations must be taken into account such as performance, capacity, operating temperatures, read/write speeds and correct NAND flash, to name a few.

Simms enables industrial and embedded solution providers through world-class memory and storage, who look to help their customers with:

  • Specialist technical advice from a team of experts in their field
  • Offering extensive customisation options and value-add services
  • Providing customers with right-first-time solutions
  • Industry forecasts and trends to help planning

Through our deep understanding of the ever-changing and expanding memory and storage markets, we are best positioned as a specialist partner of choice. We will advise on when and how to buy in relation to market outlook and have direct access to expertise within the vendors to define a solution to meet your overriding business requirements and goals.

Why you should choose Simms as your trusted industrial  & embedded supplier?

  • 30 years of trading in industrial and embedded solutions
  • Experts to guide you on fit, form, function, how and when to buy
  • A comprehensive suite of additional services to manage EOLs, shipping, stock holding and module customisation.

Which products will help?

There are a vast range of memory and storage solutions available and our experts can help you get the correct fit, form and function for your application


We partner with specialist vendors Innodisk and ATP who design and manufacture world-class SSD storage solutions for the industrial and embedded market.

Industrial grade storage is bespoke and is designed and developed for high-performance, critical applications and for workloads that require consistent performance in demanding and remote locations 24/7.

Industrial storage solutions are available in all kinds of different form factors: 2.5″, 1.8″, mSATA, slimSATA, mini mSATA, M.2, BGA, CFast, SD and microSD, to name a selection. Selecting the right storage for your application can seem like a minefield, which is why Simms offers free expert advice to ensure you get the right solution for your application. Whether its 1 or 1,000 units, the service you receive will be the same.

DRAM Modules

Our industrial partners are experts in the design and manufacture of specialised industrial memory. Simms offer a comprehensive portfolio from the newest DDR4 2666MT/s modules to legacy, industrial-grade SDRAM and DDR1 solutions. The embedded series includes: regular LONG DIMM, SODIMM and VLP form factors and other specialist form factors not widely available.

Whatever the application, our partners will work with you in sourcing the right DRAM module for your project. Our technical experts have a wealth of knowledge to help you get the right product on time and within cost. With no MOQ and customisation options available, industrial-grade DRAM is designed to perform in the most demanding applications and environments.

Why Simms?

Simms has got your back. We are not interested in making a quick buck, we want to partner with you for the long haul and provide you with the right solution, on time and on cost throughout the length of your project.

Exceptional industrial specialists with a deep understanding of the industrial and embedded computing marketplace

Expert market intel and extensive vendor product roadmaps to guide you on when to buy and at the right time

World-class memory and storage “sample programme” options on qualified opportunities across all of our industrial product range

Access to some of the best designers and technicians in the industrial marketplace to help you get the “right-first-time” solution

Additional help

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