Simms Foresight: Live - 16Gbit DRAM Transition


Published 16 June 2021

More specifically, we have found that there is a lack of awareness about the potential compatibility issues with legacy Intel chipsets. As we move from 8Gbit to 16Gbit DRAM, we think it’s important that we continue to educate and advise the market of this transition and its benefits – and we will continue to support our partners and customers to make the right choice when it comes to upgrading systems

Join Kingston and Simms as they discuss the transition, along with a market intelligence update covering the latest situation for price and supply in this ongoing chip shortage crisis.

Our webinar will run from 10am to 11am on June 24th 2021, featuring Kingston’s Senior Technology Manager, Adrien Viaud and the Simms Foresight team.

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