Simms International improve quality and reduce engineering time for Interfleet Technology

Interfleet Technology (now SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit) is a world leader in rail consultancy providing strategic, engineering and technological solutions to the UK’s major train operators.

The challenge

Interfleet supports several railway operators in programming on train passenger information systems, including a major train operator in East London and several airport link services. The Information systems are updated at every timetable change and are loaded on to the trains via CompactFlash memory cards. The upgrade process was very time consuming as each CompactFlash card required removal from the train, reprogramming and installation. For a fleet of 155 trains this process could take two people up to 10 working days.

During this time there were inconsistencies in the announcement systems, caused by inefficient data loading and card corruption. Interfleet identified that they needed to reduce the upgrade time down to two days and Simms were happy to help.

The solution

Simms recommended two high temperature industrial grade compact flash cards for immediate trial in the system. Both performed well and eliminated data corruption issues. For a fleet of 155 trains, the preloading process could take more than 3 working days to complete, and was not cost efficient for Interfleet. Simms provided a solution using specialist duplicating hardware, and successfully preloaded all compactFlash cards within the original supply lead time.

Additional to this, Simms were able to offer a bespoke labelling service for the cards, which Interfleet decided to use to incorporate a version control chart on to the flashcard itself. In doing this, it allowed Interfleet to manage a spare set of cards for each train, allowing cards to be swapped with updated versions without delay.

Results & benefits

Simms were chosen because they were able to deliver a full working solution which improved quality and reduced engineering time within 14 working days. The cards are still in operation, playing 500 audio and visual announcements every day to commuters without fail.

Trusted partner

The team at Simms thinks differently and with expert knowledge, proactively delivered value through:

  • Bespoke labelling services
  • Quality processes
  • Expert advice
  • Content upload services
  • Fast turnaround
  • Rail application knowledge
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“Jactron remain Interfleets first choice supplier for flash memory solutions as Interfleet know we can rely on their dedicated technical support team to find the right solution within tight timescales”
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Interfleet Technology