KingstonCare is a robust suite of free services that were developed to provide Kingston customers with the reassurance that their business will stay up and running. As an extension of Kingston’s dedication to quality and customer service, KingstonCare offers unique tools backed by the expertise gleaned from more than 25 years of experience in memory.


KingstonCare Covers

  • System-specific server memory
  • System-specific desktop memory
  • System-specific workstation memory
  • ValueRAM server premier memory
  • Client solid-state drives
  • Enterprise solid-state drives


End Users

KingstonCare guarantees that you are covered while using Kingston products in your environment. Kingston will work with the reseller and service provider to amend the service level agreements to include Kingston products or will work with the product service team to provide you with the service level required to meet your existing service agreements. If your company is a self-maintainer, Kingston will work with you to customise a service reimbursement plan to cover inter-company charges. Contact your Kingston representative or your reseller today to find out how you can add service reimbursement to your Kingston products.


Resellers/Service Providers

KingstonCare is an additional guarantee you can offer to your customers when selling Kingston products. Kingston will reimburse you for service calls directly related to covered Kingston products or send out one of our contracted service providers, if required. The process will be seamless to your customers. Contact us to find out more on 01622 852 800 or send an enquiry.

Crossship RMA

If you need your replacement product in a hurry, Kingston can ship it to you immediately, without waiting for the inoperative product to arrive. It’s one more way Kingston reduces your potential downtime.


RMA, or Return Merchandise Authorization, is designed to take the hassle out of returns in the unlikely event of a problem with a Kingston product. It’s a simple process with these steps:

1. Email

Email Kingston Technical Support Department stating in the subject “Kingston Care” to ensure immediate action on your request.

2. Describe the problem

In the email, describe the problem and provide necessary information required in order to process your request (including phone number, shipping address, part numbers and quantity)

3. Investigation

Kingston Technical Support will investigate your case and assign it to the RMA Department in order to trigger the replacement. At this stage, you will be provided with the RMA number, which should be used for any future reference.

4. Replacement

If the product(s) falls under the Kingston Care agreement, we will release the replacement for you on the same day (stock availability permitting). Kingston will use next-day delivery to ensure you receive your new part(s) as soon as possible!

On-site Spares

To ensure against downtime, Kingston can place a stock of spare products at your location to use in the unlikely event of a Kingston-related failure. Just replace the Kingston product with a spare and send the inoperative one back to Kingston.

Dedicated technical support email

Get technical support when you need it by contacting our team of experts by email.

Your questions will be answered quickly, to minimise any potential downtime.

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