Simms International enhances operational readiness of military vehicle computing application

System Integrator’s (SI) in partnership with government agencies, design and create innovative technology to assist and protect armed forces in operations across the globe. The Customer, who is a major UK SI who provides advanced solutions and services to the MOD and National Security Agencies, contacted Simms regarding a land based military vehicle computing application problem.

The challenge

The device priority was to run the bespoke mapping and communication software. During advanced testing with the MOD it was discovered that the incumbent data device did not meet the desired functionality in regards to boot times. The prototype system boot time was over 500% longer than the specified requirement of 30 seconds. This posed two major problems;

  • Threat to the military forces whom may be stuck in limbo whilst waiting for the system to load.
  • The possibility the SI would lose a significant contract because they couldn’t meet specifications agreed in the tender.

Simms were recommended to the system integrator having worked on a number of high profile solid state opportunities in the Aerospace and Defence market.

The solution

Simms’ security cleared team were invited to see the application first hand. Simms’ experience within in the Aerospace and Defence market dictated that in order to meet the time constraints, it would be of great benefit if the engineering manager from the SSD manufacturer Simms recommended could join the meeting. Simms arranged and facilitated for all three parties to be present within two days of the initial discussion.

During the demonstration Simms were able to advise on site how the O/S settings could be tweaked to enhance performance. This resulted in further reduced boot times but still not to the required specifications. A list of options were provided to customise the SSD further by amending C.H.S values and timings.

Results & benefits

Working in harsh environments, the technology must withstand demands that far exceed conventional usage. When faced with the threat of conflict it is imperative the systems designed do not fail when required – if they do the results could be catastrophic. Simms supplied additional evaluation units within 10 days of the meeting and after further testing they delivered a reduction in boot times of 500%; meeting the desired criteria.

Trusted partner

Simms delivered on this project due to their expertise in the Aerospace & Defence market and delivering value through:

  • Knowledge of SSD and Operating System interaction
  • Firmware customisation
  • Technical resolution services
  • Transparent channel engagement
  • Commitment to meet deadlines
  • World-class supplier line-up
Military computing application
For military computing, data storage devices are essential to the success of the system as they will store mission critical data and boost bespoke software. Simms delivered a technical resolution and firmware customisation that met the required specifications in the quickest possible time.