Intel M10 M.2 2280

The M10 M.2 2280 uses Intel® Optane™ memory, a smart memory technology that accelerates computers’ responsiveness. It accesses your computer’s frequently used documents, pictures, videos and applications quickly and remembers them after you power off — enabling you to create, game, and produce with less waiting.

Intel® Optane™ memory complements standard system memory (RAM) and delivers better overall system responsiveness compared to adding additional RAM.

Current status: Available

Technical features

Data Integrity
Data Integrity
Shock and Vibration
Shock and Vibration
Supply Longevity
Supply Longevity

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Obsolesence Management
Obsolesence Management

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Form Factor

Operating Temperature

Power Protection


Max Sequential Read / Write

Product Enquiry

  • 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities
  • Optane memory for faster performance
  • PCIe NVMe interface
  • 1,350/290 MB/s
  • 5 year warranty



16GB – MEMPEK1J016GA01

32GB – MEMPEK1J032GA01

64GB – MEMPEK1J064GA01