OEM’s, System Designers and System Integrators go to great length to ensure that they products they are supplying are designed with the highest reliability in mind when it comes to power. Often the environment where the products are placed their is unstable power. Unfortunately in real world use the power to the devices does occasionally fail. This can be caused by the failure of a UPS unit, drop or loss of power from the facilities supply grid, damage to unit specific components such as cabling or fusing or mechanical failures of system components due to high vibration, heat or shock. Regardless if it is loss of all power to the system or a temporary loss of regulation (transient brown-out condition) the impact to the storage device can be fatal to reliability. Each time this happens there is a high risk that the data will be lost or even worse the device will become corrupt. In applications where the storage device is required to hold mission critical data or perform boot functionality the exposure to such events are unthinkable.

Simms partner with world class manufacturers in storage devices who specifically design products for use in mission critical , industrial applications. They invest significant amounts of time into R&D to developing hardware  and software solutions to help try prevent corruption issued caused by power loss. To find out how they address data integrity concerns in more detail each of the white papers is listed under the manufacturer name to the right.

As well as hardware based and software based solutions to protect from sudden power loss there are a number of S.M.A.R.T tools available that offer real time health monitoring of the devices. This enables you to see how often the power outages are occurring and monitor the effect it has in relation to creating bad blocks.