Simms supplies DRAM modules to the datacentre and server industry through robust, reliable and high capacity solutions from leading vendors.

We work with vendors and manufacturers who place a big emphasis on quality of datacentre memory. Such an environment requires reliable and durable memory for large-scale and highly consuming workloads. Our vendors which include Kingston and Micron invest millions into the development and testing of DRAM modules to help reduce your total cost of ownership, tomorrow.

The outcome is pure performance, reliability and total stability. Every server module must totally pass Dynamic Burn-in Testing. This is a unique process designed to further screen out any defective modules before they are then shipped out for use.

Enterpise DRAM is suitable for datacentres, where servers can take a high capacity of DRAM from 32GB up to 760GB, with a typical uptake of 32GB or 64GB for such environments using DDR3.

Why upgrade your server DRAM?

Upgrading your server DRAM is arguably one of the easiest ways to improve your server’s performance. Such an upgrade to your server memory can help server larger datasets, increase much faster responses for cloud servers and improve the overall speed for any applications living in memory.

What’s more, if you’re looking to increase your virtual workloads, such memory upgrade will allow more virtual machines and increase allocation to your current and existing hardware. Ultimately, virtualisation will lower the total cost of ownership and more memory for VDI means a faster response when apps sit in memory.

Why choose Simms as your trusted DRAM supplier for the datacentre?

Simms has distributed DRAM for 30+ years since our inception in 1990

Dedicated datacentre teams who are able to guide you on when and how to buy memory

‘Try before you buy’ on products when you qualify a server DRAM opportunity

Direct access to memory technicians at the leading vendors through Simms


Server DRAM from our leading vendors

Performance enhancement really comes in the form of DDR4 DRAM.  Features are built on power savings, performance enhancement, manufacturability, and reliability. Such improve performance, power, manufacturability, reliability and stacking capabilities for the enterprise and cloud.

Density and reliability from LRDIMMs. These enable you to add more DIMMs per channel, thus being able increase the memory capacity and speed of your IT systems. Our vendors LRDIMMs use a specially designed buffer to reduce the data load to a single load (up to an 8-rank DIMM).

Registered DIMMS are a popular and mainstream memory module that works for various worldwide workloads and designs. RDIMMs from our vendors are build with the most reliable memory components in industry. Features include buffers, registers and ECC to help maintain data integrity.

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