Poor quality or service can not be tolerated and this is no more applicable than in industrial sectors where mission critical solutions are relied upon. That is why we place a significant importance on ensuring the quality of everything we do meets our customers high standards and adheres to industry accredited practices. We invest heavily in the people, processes, technology and support we offer which is why we are considered the partner of choice for memory solutions.

Quality Procedures

Simms operates to stringent quality procedures, we are committed to continuous improvement and have established effective & communicated procedures & processes which provide a framework for measuring and improving our performance. Jactron (the industrial division of Simms International PLC) are ISO 9001 : 2015 quality accredited, we meet all applicable statutory regulations and maintain an effective Quality Management System supported and operated by all employees. Simms International ISO certificate

Failure Analysis Reporting

Our commitment to quality is all encompassing but we understand technology can create unexpected problems. Simms recognise an isolated fault can be easily rectified with minimal impact to business, however a fault with the potential to be inherent in every system can be devastating. For these reasons we support a number of activities that provide resolution in a timely and informed matter. Not matter how small the problem appears at first sight we offer full failure analysis reporting to help our customers identify and manage risk. Some of these services include.

  • 8D Reporting
  • Next Day Consultation
  • Local Customisation
  • Advanced RMA Procedure
  • Evaluation Product

Test Facilities

Simms ensure the manufacturers we represent meet the highest level of industrial quality standards, in order to ensure this we have a custom built facility that enables us to check quality prior to shipping , this also is used to help us to offer our customers product customisation which can be handled locally.

Supplier Due-Diligence

Simms regularly reviews our supplier quality standards, we undertake numerous quality checks and audit them to ensure they are adhering to the standards agreed. Such is the industrial commitment to quality our suppliers openly welcome our customers to audit them directly if they have concerns or would like to see for themselves the high levels of quality that they operate to.

Conformity and Compliance

The products Simms and our partners supply conform with RoHS, REACH, (SHVC) WEEE, CE standards and the components used are ethically sourced. We can provide a certificate of  conformance (COC) on request.


We are approved distributors for all of our technology partners who are selected as they work directly with semiconductors. They ensure the components they use are ALL of original origin and our BOM (Build Of Materials) control services means we can help you track every module we supply back to its original origin.