Solid-state-drives are made for the demand and growth within datacentre today. We provide industry leading SSDs that perform, last and protect your data.

Through Solid-State-Drive storage, you are able to both meet and exceed the demands of mission-critical datacentre and cloud workloads. SSD enables you to free up valuable resource from your CPU, whilst giving you peace of mind through its total reliability and robustness.

Workloads continue to demand more and more, as data grows and grows. AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), Big Data, Cloud and many more mean data centre architects must meet certain design performance and flexibility for their workloads.

Our portfolio of SSD for datacentre comes from leading vendors such as Intel, Micron and Kingston. The range includes NVMe, QLC Sata and Optane™ SSD, delivering speed, capacity and performance for your datacentre and server.

Benefiting modern datacentre technology

Highly consumed and ever-changing cloud services rely on SSD. Such tiered storage through SSD means a business has the correct data on the right tier to ensure total cost and performance.

With virtualisation, random I/O and high data access demands can be severely limited by traditional HDD. Servicing enterprise applications, users and retrieving data have become barriers in overall system performance. Server SSDs are the ideal accelerators for virtual workloads, allowing virtualisation by doing more with less.

Why choose Simms as your trusted SSD supplier for the datacentre?

Simms has distributed storage for 30+ years since our inception in 1990

Dedicated datacentre teams who are able to guide you on when and how to buy memory

‘Try before you buy’ on products when you qualify a server SSD opportunity

Direct access to memory and storage technicians at the leading vendors through Simms


Benefits of server SSD

Performance. Maximise your server through server SSD. Reduce your application latencies and free up the CPU resource.

Reliability. Rigorously tested. Able to withstand accidental drops and other shocks, vibration, extreme temperatures and magnetic fields.

Efficiency. Our SSD solutions are highly dense and much lower on power consumption, benefitting the overall TCO for your datacentre and server setup.

Intel SSD in server

Intel® Optane™ SSD

The Intel® Optane™ Solid State Drive (SSD) was built to truly eliminate datacentre storage bottlenecks, to which is duly delivers. What’s more, it allows bigger, more affordable data sets and can be used to speed up applications, reduce latency-sensitive workloads and improve TCO for the datacentre.

The key is the Intel® Optane™ technology. It is an entirely new class of non-volatile memory. Its high speed and density performs in demanding applications like Big Data, High Performance Computing (HPC), Virtualisation and cloud.

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