About us

Why Simms?

Memory and storage technologies are complex, and distribution is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be for you.

At Simms, we commit to helping our customers by making it easy to understand, select and source the technologies you need in a way which exceeds expectation.

We help?

Services and Solutions Providers

System Builders and Integrators

OEMs and CEMs

E-tailers and Wholesalers

We simplify memory

By doing so, our customers retain and win more business, improve financial performance, and increase customer satisfaction.

We partner with

Global manufacturers of world-class technology who offer the highest levels of performance, quality, and support.

Intelligen Memory

Our Vision and Values

Enabling the world to manage data through world-class memory and storage solutions

When you choose to partner with Simms, we become an extension of your team, so you get over 200 years of industry experience, knowledge, and insight from a group of people who genuinely care and will be relentless in our efforts to help you achieve your business goals.

Our culture, values and customer service are core to our business approach, and our reputation as a specialist memory distributor has been cultivated for over 30 years. We are privately owned and proud of our business performance.

We believe our financials and ISO accreditation demonstrate you are choosing to partner with a company that is secure, reliable and adds value.

When you partner with us, you can expect to see the following values exhibited across all our departments every day.


Simms encourages all colleagues to develop their knowledge and skills to further enhance customer and personal experience.


We are passionate about delivering an outstanding customer experience, proud of our heritage and sharply focused on being the trusted partner of choice for our customers and vendors.


We are committed to achieving the highest standards and exceeding expectations. Our strong vendor relationships enable us in turn to fully support our customers.


Simms has a strong, supportive business culture and a structured Corporate Social Responsibility programme that is built around causes that we care about.


We think differently and encourage all colleagues to be creative in the way that they approach challenges.


We work hard but have fun and interact with each other, our vendors and our customers to build great relationships and a fertile working environment.

Value enablement

We think differently, and by seeing the world through the lens of our partners from the “outside-in”, we find creative solutions that enable us to do the basics well and deliver lasting value.

This approach has served as well over the years and has enabled us to invest in our people, processes, and systems to deliver a unique and differentiated experience.

Thankfully, our customers agree.

Your specialist memory and storage partner

If you need help understanding, selecting, or sourcing memory and want to know how we can help in the following areas:

  • Price and Supply
  • Compatibility and configuration
  • Market intel and insight
  • Technology roadmaps and benefits
  • Training and engagement
  • Commercials and tenders
  • Quality and conformance
  • Supply management
  • Samples and prototypes
  • Range management
  • Technology migration