USB Flash Drives

Store & protect data on the move

Simms offer a comprehensive range of USB flash drive solutions from world-class manufacturers.

With their small form factor and reliable easy to use format, USB flash drives are a popular choice for organisations, consumers, and industrial environments to securely store and transfer important files whilst on the move.

Choosing the right USB

Available in multiple capacities from 2GB to 1TB with designs and security features to provide the workplace and consumer ample room to store music, photos, and important documents.

Whilst industrial applications require less capacity, they have unique performance characteristics, such as industrial grade NAND, wide operating temperature, firmware, and power settings. We offer a wide range to cover all scenarios.

Security matters

Most USBs have no kind of security or encryption, making them vulnerable to attacks or loss of data. Many who find a USB will invariably plug it in, curious to find out what information it holds and will seriously put your workplace at risk.

Protecting sensitive data is easy by implementing encrypted USB flash drives as standard. With multiple options to suit compliance, security standards, and regulations such as GDPR, Simms has you covered.

Range of Product Specifications

Industrial & Embedded

USB 2.0, 3.0
128MB - 512GB
NAND Flash
Operating Temp
−40°C~ +85°C
3,000 – 60,000 P/E Cycles
2–5 years


USB 3.2, Type-A, Type-C
4GB – 2TB
NAND Flash
Operating Temp
AES 256-bit XTS, FIPS 197, FIPS 140-2 LEVEL 3
3–5 years


4GB – 256GB
NAND Flash
Operating Temp
0°C~60°C, 0°C~70°C
AES 256-bit XTS
2–5 years

Core Product Solutions

Workplace USB

Organisations need to be flexible and as the pandemic has shown the need to work from home has exposed potential security threats causing IT headaches.

Data protection is fundamental for any business. The threat of data breeches, human error and hacking are ongoing battles for the workplace. Failure to protect data not only exposes personal and private information, it also can hurt financially with GDPR fines and ultimately damage your reputation.

To mitigate these risks and maintain trust with customers and partners, encrypted USBs offer a solution when data is outside of the firewall. Our range of encrypted drives from Kingston and Apricorn come in various models and capacities up to 2TB so you can find the right fit for your needs.

Available with hardware encryption standards including XTS-AES 256-bit and FIPS 140-2 level 3 built with robust enclosures to protect against physical damage. Managed drives can provide central control of thousands of USBs and enable administrators to remotely disable lost or stolen drives, recover lost passwords and more.

Industrial USB

Industrial applications such as transportation, automation and energy industries are mission critical and are more extreme than commercial environments.

As such, they require components that are designed with high performance in harsh environments and built with durable dependable materials that last for years. When applications are constrained for space, industrial grade USB can provide the answer.

Our targeted range of rugged, high-speed USBs from Innodisk & ATP are designed to withstand extreme operating temperatures from -40˚C to +85˚C and are resistant to water/moisture, vibration, shock, and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

They are an excellent boot drive and ideal storage solution for applications with high performance and high data retention requirements. Hot swap support guarantees maximum availability, allowing drive removal and replacement without shutting down the system.

Consumer USB

As consumers, we demand easy access to our music, photos, and files instantly to transfer to laptops, desktop PCs, monitors, and mobiles.

USBs offer easy storage for everyday use at home, school or wherever you need data with you. As devices and technology have improved smartphones, and tablets can now record 4K/8K video and higher resolution photos, meaning storage space becomes an issue.

Our wide range of practical and stylish USB flash drives from Kingston enables the quick transfer of digital files with plug-and-play capability making them a convenient portable storage solution.

Expand storage up to 256GB with dual interface options for Android™ tablets and smartphones with OTG (On-The-Go) functionality at a lower price point than built-in storage.

For personal security, Kingston and Apricorn have a range of affordable encrypted USB devices. Designed to keep your important documents secure when on the move and backed with password protection.

In the event, the device is lost or stolen the files will be safe. Through our network of partners, you can gain access to world-class USB solutions to help you get the right fit for your needs.

Why Simms?

Not all USBs are equal, the team at Simms have extensive knowledge and can advise you on the best fit, form and function options for your application.

About us

Extensive range

From industrial, workplace to consumer we hold stock a vast range of everyday, industrial-grade and encrypted USB solutions.

Flash Expertise

Our team have been working with NAND flash technology since its inception. We invest significantly to ensure our knowledge remains best in class.


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