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30 years in the making

A unique partnership that provides a unified experience for memory & storage.

Simms International’s ties with Kingston Technology are strong. So much so, it was often thought we were one organisation. The relationship between the two companies was developed by Simms founder Andrew Henderson and Kingston founders John Tu and David Sun 30 years ago in a time when ‘memory’ was the new buzzword. Simms helped bring the Kingston brand to the UK where it sold its first batch of RAM modules after a visit to a trade show.

Still to this day, the relationship continues to thrive. Both organisations have encountered obstacles, but have continually innovated, adapted and exceeded customer expectations. From the single in-line memory module back in 1987, Kingston now has over 2000 products that support over 20,000 systems. Kingston is in places you don’t expect. From the obvious; servers, desktops and workstations, cameras and more modern devices such as smart watches and robotic vacuum.

Product Overview


Kingston makes it quick and easy to select RAM memory for your desktop PC, laptop, or server. Search by OEM brand system, OEM part number or memory specification. All Kingston memory is backed by 100% testing, a lifetime warranty and over 30 years of design and manufacturing expertise.

Solid state drives (SSDs)

Solid state drives (SSDs) designed for laptops, desktops PCs and servers. Add speed to an old desktop PC or laptop by upgrading from a hard disk drive (HDD) to a Kingston SSD. Kingston’s fast and reliable SATA and NVME SSDs are also a great choice for new PC builds, servers, and system builders.

USB Flash Drives

Kingston DataTraveler and Ironkey USB flash drives provide on-the-go file storage for photos, music, video and more. They are available in both standard and encrypted security for home, school, office and enterprise organisations.

Memory Cards

Kingston makes SD, CF and microSD flash memory cards for a variety of devices such as digital cameras, Android™ phones, drones, dashcams and security cameras.


Card readers for flash memory cards connect to your computer via USB 2.0 or 3.0 for data transfers. A flexible option to transfer videos, photos and audio on the go.

Embedded Solutions

Kingston provides embedded NAND and DRAM solutions and components for industrial-level electronic manufacturing.

Solutions Overview

Datacentre & Server

Kingston’s range of solutions for enterprise servers and datacentres includes SATA and NVMe SSDs and server DRAM memory.

Storage needs have increased massively with large volumes of data in databases both, traditional and Big Data infrastructures. Datacentres, cloud services, edge computing, internet of things (IoT) and co-location all have vast amounts of data to process and manage workloads.

They need solutions that offer reliable performance and SLAs with up to 99.9999%. Servers providing mission-critical services also need to keep uptime that exceeds an enterprise’s Quality of Service (QoS) policies.

Kingston invests millions in the development and testing of its memory modules. This helps reduce the overall total cost of ownership (TCO) and provides stability and long-term reliability.

With 30 years of expertise and experience, Kingston helps these businesses meet these requirements with consistent, rigorously tested memory and SSDs to keep them up and running all day, every day.

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Time is money, and for businesses to keep up and running efficiently, they need the right equipment.

Upgrading slow laptops, desktops and workstations with Kingston’s Memory and SSDs can be a cost-effective and easy way to breathe new life into the system. SSDs are 10x faster than traditional hard drives, and you can benefit from solid-state drives as big as 2TB.

Memory is the first place your processor goes for information and instructions, so optimising the DRAM to the application’s usage can add speed and enables data to be used more efficiently. Using Kingston’s configurator, you can easily find the right RAM for your PC or laptop.

Data security is another factor the workplace needs to take seriously. Data breaches, hacking and human error can all threaten an organisations data and reputation that can be costly and damaging.

Lost laptops and USB flash drives can leave business and individuals vulnerable to exposed personal and private information. Kingston has developed a robust range of encrypted USBs and SSDs that help provide a layer of protection against these costly data breaches and support GDPR compliance.

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Kingston FURY™ is the gaming brand of memory and storage hardware used by gamers, PC enthusiasts, and content creators worldwide.

Break through the most rigorous performance demands with the ability to multi-task simultaneously whether you’re gaming and streaming or creating and editing while easily handling extreme workload applications.

With included features like aggressive heat spreader styles, Plug N Play auto-overclocked memory, XMP profiles, and RGB memory, level the playing field and beat the odds with Kingston FURY.

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Industrial & Embedded

Design-in SSDs incorporate advanced controllers that automatically perform wear-levelling, garbage collection and other NAND Flash management features.

They are a drop-in replacement for hard drives and deliver up to 20x greater performance as well as high reliability. Design-in SSDs incorporate next-generation 3D NAND Flash. Made for system designers and builders who rely on consistent storage products Kingston offers locked BOM and firmware, PCN support and in-depth engineering support.

Technology only seems to be getting smaller, and it’s a wonder how it can still perform the multitude of tasks we need it too. The embedded components used to perform these are designed and supplied by Kingston.

There is a variety of embedded products including, eMMC and DRAM components. These small form factor components are ideal for space-constrained systems like smartphones, tablet PCs and industrial applications such as automotive, robotics and medical devices.

Typically, these solutions are designed-in from concept and are soldered or embedded on to the motherboard. Embedded solutions are appealing because of their small size, high performance, and large capacity to suit the application.

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Taking new photos and videos, emailing, and creating Word files and spreadsheets are all a part of daily life for the average tech user.

Add in data from games and other personalised applications, and our laptops, PCs, phones and tablets can fill up quickly.

From flash drives and memory cards to high-end SSDs, Kingston offers a range of storage options that keep your digital life moving at the same pace as the rest of your life.

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Why Simms?

We work in perfect harmony with our focused vendors and our passionate and highly knowledgeable team differentiate from "me too" distribution. We don't just list and sell; we add value!

So, whatever challenges you face, no matter how big or small, you can guarantee you are in the hands of experts who care.

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Our vastly experienced team are consultative in nature. We offer excellent advice, improved vendor engagement and lots of pro-activity.


Our expert marketing team make memory easy. We provide you with the tools, content, and insight you need to maximise opportunities.


Our problem-solving memory technical team are by your side pre & post-sale. Acting with speed to help you design-in, migrate, or solve issues.


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