An intelligence and analysis service from Simms, which aims to give pure transparency of the volatile memory and storage market, by taking away the surprises and pain through regular outlook and foresight.

DRAM and NAND are commodities, which are part of an up-and-down market with a tonne of variables and external factors controlling price from one-day-to-another.

Such up-and-down nature relating to supply and cost can lead to some highly painful factors including reduced profitability, unexpected delays and mission-critical deadlines being missed. Worst of all, customer relationships can be seriously damaged in an instance by events which are seemingly out of your control.

Simms are here to create transparency

Until now, making purchasing decisions has been somewhat blind.

However Simms International can now offer its customers and prospects (for a limited time only) a new service, built of 30+ years of experience in purchasing and selling DRAM and NAND, as well as data and insight from aggregated highly reputable research sources. Simms Foresight will offer the following:-

  • Monthly updates covering market insight and outlook across our various industries including datacentre & server, industrial, embedded etc
  • Quarterly overviews of the DRAM and NAND markets
  • Guaranteed spots at exclusive webinars with industry leading speakers and market updates from Simms Foresight

Simms Foresight is an exclusive service for Simms customers, in which we hope will help in making informed buying and purchasing decisions to help better their business.

If you are a non-customer of Simms you are able to sign up to Simms Foresight to which you’ll receive updates and reports for 3 months. To continue with the service, you must become a transactional customer of Simms International.

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February 2021 DRAM & NAND Update

What happened, what’s to come, and technology updates across Server, Workplace, Consumer, Industrial and Embedded