Simms Foresight

Get full memory market transparency

Simms Foresight is a market intelligence service from Simms. Built on the premise of giving you full transparency of a volatile memory market, taking away the pain and surprises through regular market outlook, analysis and predictions.

The up-and-down nature of the market relating to supply of product and costs simply means you can encounter some truly business defining issues like unexpected delays and missing mission-critical deadlines. Worst of all, customer relationships can be seriously damaged in an instance by events that are seemingly out of your control if you are unaware of what’s happening out there.

Well now, we give you the full picture at speed to better help your purchasing decisions around SSD, RAM, Memory Cards, USBs and all things memory and storage.

Who can sign up?

Simms Foresight is an exclusive service for Simms customers, in which we hope to help them make better informed decisions around their memory and storage requirements.

However, if you are a non-customer, then you can also benefit from the service for three months. You’ll receive all the usual updates and information, but must become a transactional customer of Simms thereafter to continue receiving our foresight. We have total discretion about who signs up once they do and is able to continue using the service.

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Why is Simms Foresight worth signing up to?

What are the issues an unnoticed memory market can cause?


Speculation can cause panic and headlines, leading to price increases and supply chaos, when all may not be as truly seemed.

External Factors

Daily external factors including power outages and political tension can cause the cost and supply of memory to go crazy in dramatic fashion.

Supply Issues

Not noticing supply issues due to market conditions can lead to missed deadlines on your RAM, SSD, USB and general ordering process.

What are the reasons you are not taking notice until now?

Not Enough Time

Well, your day is full of busy priorities already, so searching around for memory market updates can take time and be hard to stay on top of.

Too Late

You might well receive the information, but its just too late by the time you do and things have changed since you really needed to act.

Low Quality Data

You’re being fed pure speculation and not getting a true picture based on paid trend analysis and reputable source information, as well as Simms experience.

So, how can Simms Foresight change all of this?

Our Service

Through this free service, we deliver digestible market intelligence to fit in and your already consumptive working day.

Regular Updates

Our updates are regular to keep you as best informed as possible with pace in mind, on a weekly to quarterly basis of what’s happening.

Expert Data

We truly aggregate data and analysis from a number of sources, coupled with our 30+ years experience in memory and storage as specialists.