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Simms offer a comprehensive portfolio of embedded storage products from world-class manufacturers.

Small but powerful

Embedded storage such as nanoSSD, eMMC are a small yet vital cogs in memory technology. Unique in their designs, of no moving parts, low power consumption, high capacity, fast speeds, and small size, positions embedded storage as the go-to storage device for space-constrained systems.

Likewise, nano SSDs Simms provide storage for a wide range of industries and with higher capacities up to 512GB. Embedded technology SSDs for servers, laptops, desktops, edge, and industrial computers. Offering an extensive range of options designed for a mix of environments and workloads.

Constant Innovation

As the demand for consumer devices grows exponentially, embedded storage is fast becoming the choice of design engineers, a small footprint that packs punches above its weight. Fast speeds, high endurance in a size smaller than one pence coin.

Beyond its use in consumer products, embedded modules are rapidly being adopted in many other applications, such as Single Board Computers (SBC), robotics, medical devices, automotive, networking and building control devices because of its compact size, low-power consumption and numerous customisable features. With the rapid growth of the IoT market, these modules are finding their way to newer, cutting edge applications.

Find Your Fit

Simms offers a comprehensive range of embedded solutions ranging in capacity from 8GB to 512GB in a range of NAND Flash including; MLC, pSLC, 3D TLC.

From industrial applications in harsh environments to mass-produced consumer devices, Simms can provide a solution. Looking for storage and DRAM on the same module? Simms can supply eMCP and ePoP devices as well as just embedded DRAM solutions up to 4GB.

Range of Product Specifications

Industrial & Embedded

Form Factor
eMMC, eMCP, ePoP, nanoSSD
4GB – 256GB
NAND Flash
Operating Temp
−-40°C to 105°C
Up to 1320 BTW
2–5 years

Core Product Solutions


Smaller than a typical postage stamp, e.MMC comes in a fine pitch ball grid array (FBGA package).

The tiny footprint makes it perfectly suitable for embedded systems with space constraints but requires rugged endurance, reliability, and durability in harsh environments.

e.MMC is built to meet the tough demands of industrial applications that require both storage and controller in one small package.

As a soldered-down solution, it is secure against constant vibrations.

Its industrial temperature rating means that severe scenarios from freezing cold -40°C to blistering hot 105°C will not cause an adverse impact on the device or the data in it.


High speed, high capacity, and low power consumption, the nanoSSD is available in both PCIe and SATA, which sports an integrated controller in a single ball grid array, making it simple to design into a plethora of applications.

nanoSSDs are packed with features such as; AES 256-bit encryption, thermal throttling with embedded thermal sensor, wide operating temperature, all with impressive Read/Write speeds of up to 1700/1400 MB/s and up to 512GB capacity.

Utilising industrial-grade 3D TLC NAND for endurance and reliability, as well as low power consumption, it offers an ideal solution for embedded, automotive, medical, gaming and most industrial applications.

DRAM Components

DRAM Components have emerged as a technology that brings a unique combination of features and capabilities to many design challenges, including handheld devices.

DRAM Components cost-per-bit is higher when compared to equivalent standalone DRAM Components used as external memory, but the performance advantages of placing DRAM Components onto the same chip as the processor outweigh the cost disadvantages in many applications.

This technology is used in consumer products such as gaming consoles, smartphones, and items that require long battery life because its small in size and lightweight.

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Why Simms?

Not all  storage is  equal, the team at Simms have extensive embedded knowledge and can advise you on the best fit, form and function options for your application.

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We can supply a vast arrange of different form factors from world-class vendors and hold stock of a vast range of form factors, capacities and interfaces. 

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Our team have been working with NAND flash technology since its inception. We invest significantly to ensure our knowledge remains the best in class. 

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Minimum of two world-class vendors for every embedded solution, to provide you with the flexibility and options you need. 


Strong relationships to facilitate direct access to experienced FAEs and technical presales teams at global vendors.