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CORSAIR is a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-performance gear and technology for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts. From award-winning PC components and peripherals to premium streaming equipment, smart ambient lighting, and esports coaching services, CORSAIR delivers a full ecosystem of products that work together to enable everyone, from casual gamers to committed professionals, to perform at their very best.

Founded in 1994, CORSAIR was there when DDR memory became a thing and has been on a mission to work out what gamers need to succeed ever since. As in other sports, specialised high-performance gear like memory and storage allow digital athletes to perform at their finest. Simms is thrilled to offer our customers CORSAIR’s range of innovative world-class DRAM & SSD solutions to enhance their PC builds and upgrades.

Product Overview


Continuing a legacy of performance CORSAIR offer the perfect match for gaming and performance laptops and PCs. Each module is rigorously screened and thoroughly tested in extreme conditions to ensure superior performance and reliability and backed by limited lifetime warranty. Engineered to push the limits of systems and tackle the most demanding tasks, games and workloads CORSAIR has a solution.

CORSAIR ValueSelect SODIMM range offer a stable, reliable and are compatible with all major notebook and laptop PCs. Their extreme performance memory includes a range of non-RGB and RGB modules to illuminate your system and fully optimised for AMD Expo and Intel XMP support.

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Solid State Drives (SSD)

The easiest and cheapest way to speed up your PC, CORSAIR’s range of SSDs mean you can load games, boot windows, open and transfer files all faster than ever. With games expanding all the time it’s easy to run out of space so with large storage capacities you can boost your games collection. Available in SATA & PCIe NVMe M.2 and with low-profile options, both PCs and PS5 games consoles can be quickly and easily upgraded. Game with certainty with Corsair comprehensive 5-year warranty and long-term reliability and industry-leading customer support for peace of mind.

Solutions Overview


A name renowned in the gaming community, CORSAIR constantly pushes forward with industry-leading innovations and ground-breaking technology.

Corsair’s range of extreme performance memory with AMD® EXPO technology is ready to power the next generation of PCs. With superior overclocking ability, users can easily run their memory at the speed it was created to. With a limited lifetime warranty, you have complete peace of mind and years of worry-free performance.

With blazing-fast speeds and a compact form-factor SSDs deliver phenomenal read, write, and response times. When things get hot, their range of drives with heatspreaders helps disperse heat and reduce throttling, so your SSD maintains sustained high performance, no matter your game intensity. With Corsair’s range off SSDs, you can boost your games collection and play with certainty with comprehensive 5 year warranty.

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Boot Windows, open and transfer files, all faster than ever with Corsair’s memory and storage solutions.

CORSAIR built its reputation on performance memory that shines in the most demanding computing situations. But not all computers are put to such extreme usage. However, quality, reliability and efficiency are fundamental for the pressure laptops, notebooks, and PCs are under in the workplace. Corsair brings the same reliability, testing and quality to their range of SSD & memory solutions designed to support standard computing situations such as popular office applications. Backed with a lifetime warranty, it is memory you can rely on!

Solutions you can rely on with CORSAIR comprehensive 5 year warranty on SSDs and limited lifetime warranty on DRAM. Whether creating content, opening 100 tabs, or multi-tasking, your PC can power through complex tasks faster than ever before with Corsair under the hood.

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