Changing the dynamics of memory and storage

Intel® are world leaders, innovators, and game-changers.

Get ahead with the latest memory and storage offering from one of the world’s most popular brands, whom Simms are proud to be a partner of, helping customers reach and exceed their business goals within the datacentre.

Intel® have been at the forefront of technology innovation as a brand and continue to do so as technology accelerates.

No more so than with their latest feat, Intel® Optane™ Technology, which is changing how we store data in the enterprise right now and in line with our future needs.

Simms has been a proud partner of Intel® for some time now, delivering tailored solutions to customers across the datacentre and enterprise arena.

We here at Simms have more than 30 years’ experience in memory and storage, which when coupled with Intel’s forward-thinking technology makes for world-class outcomes for our customers.

Product Overview

Optane™ Persistent Memory Technology

Intel® Optane™ Technology is changing the world. Its persistent memory has totally redefined the way traditional memory architecture works. All at an affordable cost, its persistent memory tier breakthroughs performance levels in memory intensive workloads, VM density and fast storage capacity. This new memory system allows you to accelerate your IT transformation and support the demand of the new data era. Let Simms and Intel® take you on that ride.

Optane™ Technology (SSD)

Intel® Optane™ Technology is a non-volatile storage option which is based on Intel® 3D XPoint™ technology. This type of storage technology works effortlessly with current data centre architecture as a new tier in the memory and storage pyramid. It fills the gap between high performing volatile memory and the lower more affordable NAND storage. It is utterly unique in its data centre attributes of combining low latency, incredible endurance, high throughput and excellent quality of service (QoS).

Real Sense®

Intel® RealSense™ Stereo depth technology brings 3D to devices and machines that only see 2D today. Stereo image sensing technologies make use of two cameras to calculate depth and enable devices to see, understand, interact with, and learn from their environment — powering intuitive, natural interaction and immersion. Stereo depth works both indoors and outdoors in a variety of lighting conditions and can be used in multiple camera configurations.

Solutions Overview

Datacentre & Server

For datacentre and server workloads, the environments need speed and low latency.

With Intel’s datacentre storage options, they eliminate bottlenecks and modernise your infrastructure to keep up with the total demands of a 21st digital business.

Their Optane™ Technology is one of storage’s great breakthroughs in recent times, with a clear goal for performance levels in datacentre workloads.

Working in partnership with Simms, we can help your IT transformation and support you during every step of the way with world-class vendor assistance.

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Industrial & Embedded

With Intel® RealSense™, the technology offers robotics and automation with endless possibilities for businesses.

Such computer vision will elevate your project to the next level with robotics, 3D scanning, skeletal and people tracking, drones, object measurement and facial authentication.

Lightweight, low-power and easy-to-use depth cameras give robots the ability to navigate landscapes, avoid obstacles and recognise objects, people, and more.

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So, whatever challenges you face, no matter how big or small, you can guarantee you are in the hands of experts who care.

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