We provide memory and storage for system builders, data centres and IT resellers.

Here’s why 400+ businesses trust us as a partner for memory and storage

  • We distribute SSD, DRAM, USBs, Memory Cards and more for world class vendors
  • 1000’s of stock lines for data centres, workplaces, consumer, industrial and gaming environments
  • 30+ years experience with expert market intelligence to inform purchasing decisions
  • Approachable and creative finance teams able to enable your growth
  • Problem solving technical team by your side pre and post sales
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We represent the world’s leading memory manufacturers

Intelligent Memory

Why are Simms partner of choice

In perfect harmony with our focussed vendors, our passionate and highly knowledgeable team differentiate from ‘me too’ distribution. That means we don’t just list and sell.

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Sales & Marketing

Our consultative team provide the tools, insight and knowledge you need to maximise opportunity and improve vendor engagement.


Our approachable finance team are incredibly creative. Fully engage them, and they deliver the flexibility required to enable your growth.


Our problem-solving memory tech team are by your side pre & post sale. Acting with speed to help you design in, migrate or solve issues.


Our people and technology behind amazing customer experience. This team does everything possible to make your boat go faster.

Our passion for memory technology spans 30+ years, making sourcing and understanding easy for our clients. See what they have to say…

Simms enabling a greener world

Our Green Mission

We have a climate emergency. Follow our journey and commitment to delivering actual decarbonisation, alongside our current net zero status.

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