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The right memory and storage make all the difference.

Demand within the datacentre is increasing, with an exponential rise in data year on year. Providers offering cloud services, colocation, IoT and HPC are dealing with huge volumes of data whilst embarking on a journey of consolidation, in terms of environmental footprint and hardware.

Managing the performance of systems is hugely consumptive of resource and time where issues of capacity, performance and power are major considerations.

Memory and storage make the most of server resource. Memory (DRAM, RAM) and storage (NAND Flash SSD) are key enablers in improving overall server performance, capacity, and power-saving, as optimal ways of enhancing the under-utilised services in use. What’s more, server SSD and RAM is designed to maximise the workloads of AI, IoT, ML and cloud.

Pain Points and Solutions

These are the most common pain points we hear about.

Ageing Infrastructure

The new equipment you invested in starts to age immediately. In no time at all you reach an arbitrary end-of-life stage and are told you need the latest shiny new platform.

But here’s the thing, by refreshing your memory and storage you breathe new life into your ageing infrastructure and in the process make the most of your initial CapEx investment.

Poor Performance

The need to store and manage large volumes of data is greater than ever. Predictable performance is required but as more apps, VM’s and databases are added performance is predictably low.

Increasing memory and storage significantly helps you to accelerate larger databases, provide faster responses for cloud users, improve speed and manage complex workloads such as AI, ML and ODB.

Lacking Scalability

Your data is growing and often the growth is non-linear, so it is hard to plan requirements and keep up with capacity demand.

Adding additional memory and storage using plug and play form factors is the easiest way to quickly exceed capacity demand.

Security Concerns

Data breaches are on the increase, keeping the bad guys away is a top priority so regulatory and compliance enforcement is a must.

Protect your data with SSD options that offer hardware-based encryption and are compliant with TCG Opal and enterprise protocols.

Ready to get to know your market?

Making business decisions should rely firmly on information over instinct. Where once gut feel might have sufficed, in today’s data-driven world actionable insight is what counts.

The fact is, market intelligence has never been more important, especially for hosting and cloud organisations.

Do you know how much your competitors intend to invest in infrastructure over the next five years?

Want to know where your peers intend to source their server memory and storage infrastructure?

Is it customer demand or other factors driving actions regarding memory and storage?

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Who do we help?

People who influence the hardware components their companies use and are seeking to improve the overall cost, performance and capability of their platform or service offering.

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

Companies offering cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application and storage services.

Internet Service Providers

Companies providing domain name and web hosting services or colocation facilities.

System Builders and Integrators

Companies that design, build and assemble award-winning servers for multiple markets.

Large Enterprise

IT Infrastructure managers at public sector, financial services, gaming, and telco companies willing to explore the benefits of 3rd party.

We have offered SSD drives as a ‘premium upgrade’ in our estate for a while. As customers’ requirements and market conditions continue to favour this technology ahead of the more traditional mechanical drives, it was important for us to identify a partner that could provide a reliable, cost effective, enterprise product to enable us to meet the changing landscape.

The support, advice and availability of stock from Simms has been second to none, especially during challenges presented by the current pandemic. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a preferred partner of choice.

Why Simms?

Join the growing number of customers who count on Simms as their trusted partner for datacentre and server.

About us

Our team

Pro-active and experienced team with a deep understanding of datacentre and server, having worked directly within the industry.

Market intelligence

Expert market intelligence and guidance, from aggregated data source to enable informed purchasing decisions.


Try before you buy options on qualified opportunities for the latest product releases, with a no-hassle easy to use sample program.


Strong relationships to facilitate direct access to experienced FAEs and technical presales teams at global vendors.

Which products will help?

Server SSD

When the need for consistent workloads and true reliability is as high as it’s been, our server SSDs deliver.

Such data centre SSDs include features to keep mission-critical environments up 100% of the time, and in choosing a range of SATA and NVMe SSDs from our key vendors, Simms are the perfect partner of choice for data centres, hosting companies and cloud service providers.

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Server RAM

Our server RAM (DRAM) is produced by the world’s leading semi-conductors who invest huge sums of money into producing and testing high-quality server memory to reduce the TCO for datacentre and server customers.

To ensure the smooth operation of the data centre, server-ready RAM can help improve performance and reliability. All meaning the server can handle more concurrent tasks and support more users.

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Data Centre Challenges in 2024 – Making IT Happen by Simms Podcast

We sat down with Esther Spanjer of Micron, to discuss the challenges that CSPs, hosting firms, and data centres face in 2024 – and the solutions within memory and storage today to meet them.

Simms host a variety of podcasts, covering all of our technologies and industries. As well, we cover culture, leadership and business topics, with regular takeaways for business.

Our Podcasts

How Simms can help?

Time Savings

Infrastructure requirements are complex, it takes a huge amount of time to manage supplier relationships and technology effectively.

Simms simplify the memory element for you.

Our frequent market updates in easy to digest formats keep you updated instantly. Making it quicker for you to make informed technology and purchase decisions.

Cost Confidence

Due to their commodity nature, price fluctuation of RAM and SSD products is unavoidable, the slightest disruption to manufacturing output has an immediate impact on pricing trends.

Simms reduces the risk for you.

We keep you informed at speed, make commitments on your behalf, and offer flexible commercial models to help you avoid letting your customers and internal stakeholders down.

Proactivity Guaranteed

When you are experiencing downtime, face competition to market or have urgent deadlines to meet, speed and communication are key. Knowing where and who to turn to is vital.

Simms handle this for you.

We hold incredible relationships and have an intimate understanding of the processes at our vendors. We don’t just know who and where to turn, but how to approach ensuring the best outcome for you.