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Micron QLC SSD
Tech Talk

14 May 2024

What is QLC SSD?

QLC (Quad-Level Cell) is a newer form of NAND flash compared to other types, so let's learn about QLC SSDs and their benefits/challenges.

Intelligent Memory BGA SSD
Tech Talk

10 May 2024

What is BGA SSD?

A small but mighty SSD, the BGA SSD is making waves in the industrial and embedded world. Understand what it is and why it's used.


23 April 2024

Product Launch: CORSAIR WS DDR5 Memory

CORSAIR WS DDR5 ECC RDIMM Memory combines the trusted reliability required for Workstations with the exceptional performance found in top-tier systems.

Crucial T705 PCIe 5.0 NVMe M.2 SSD

12 March 2024

Product Launch: Crucial T705 NVMe SSD

Take the win with the new Crucial T705 Gen5 SSD! Ideal for gamers, content creators and professionals using AI it's time to edge out the competition.

Kingston SE9 3G Gold USB | Simms International

29 January 2024

Product Launch: Kingston SE9 Gen 3 USB

Kingston DataTraveler SE9 G3 USB 3.2 flash drive is ideal for storing and sharing your data. Award-winning design, all-metal gold casing up to 512GB capacities.

Man in data centre
Tech Talk

10 January 2024

Why Micron for data centre?

Why Micron for data centre? Understand the latest SSD and DRAM solutions for data centre challenges available through Simms.

Electronics Live banner

2 January 2024

Simms at Electronics Live 2024

Simms are exhibiting at the Electronics Live event at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham on January 17th 2024.