Mobile lifestyle and personal storage devices

Data storage and accessories for people on the go.

Taking photos and videos, emailing, and creating Word files and spreadsheets are all a part of daily life for the average tech user.

Add in data from games and other personalised applications and our laptops, PCs, phones and tablets can fill up quickly.

Whether you’re a student, a photographer, or just find yourself working away from a desk, the ability to store and capture more, connect to multiple devices and transfer files at speed puts you in control allowing you to spend time on the things you love to do.

From flash drives and memory cards to high-end SSDs, readers and adaptors we offer a range of products to suit varying styles and needs.

Pain Points and Solutions

These are the most common pain points we hear about.

Storage full

In no time at all the devices you use to capture images, create videos, store, games apps and files on fill up leaving you to painfully delete or transfer them.  

Portable storage devices and higher capacity internal SSDs are great ways to ensure you have all the space you need to capture life.

Range management

The consumer market is fast-moving, with new technologies appearing and disappearing in a flash. This can make managing broad range of offerings complicated as changes are often with limited or no warning at all.

With an extensive range available from stock and an in-depth understanding of technology roadmaps, Simms can help you navigate these challenges. 


The number of devices we own has grown exponentially as has the amount of data we produce. As new iterations of devices make it into our lives, it can be difficult to find solutions, so we need to connect to the ever-growing list of interfaces and form factors.

Our vendors offer readers and adaptors that enable you to transfer files, store data and connect to various devices seamlessly. 

New technology

When it comes to compatibility it can be confusing when new technology iterations are released, trying to understand if they will be compatible with your existing systems can feel like walking through treacle.

Thankfully our vendors provide compatibility guidance, how to articles and specification explainers to help you find perfect memory solutions for your needs.

Who do we help?

People who manage the IT categories for their companies and are responsible for sales, stock, profit and loss and go to market strategies in their departments.


Companies offering computer components for sale online for the consumer market to go with the latest tech devices.


Companies supplying independent and national retailers with portable storage devices for purchase in store.

Value Added Resellers

Companies providing IT services and solutions to UK enterprise and public sector, because inevitably a good experience at home brings technology into the workplace.

Microsoft Authorised Refurbishers (MARs)

Companies on a mission to help battle sustainability and get more life out of aged or EOL assets who use newer technology to breathe renewed life into systems that would otherwise end in landfill.

Professional, approachable, caring and honourable are the true values we at MyMemory see in Simms from the heart of the working team all the way to the leadership.

Why Simms?

Ever since NAND flash’s introduction to the mainstream consumer market we have worked with leading customers in the UK to help them deliver value and go to market.

About us

Range Management

Pro-active and experienced team with a deep understanding of consumer memory solutions that will help you optimise and manage your range.

Market intelligence

Expert market intelligence and guidance, from aggregated data source to enable informed purchasing decisions.

Marketing Support

Experience in working with customers and vendors to creative initiatives and bundles that help you win more business.

Commerical Support

Flexible finance options and commercial incentives that help you get to market with confidence at scale.

Which products will help?

Consumer USBs

USBs offer easy storage for everyday use at home, school or wherever you need data with you.

As devices and technology have improved smartphones, and tablets can now record 4K video and higher resolution photos, meaning storage space becomes an issue.

Our wide range of practical and stylish USB flash drives enables the quick transfer of digital files with plug-and-play capability making them a convenient portable storage solution.

Expand storage up to 512GB with dual interface options for Android™ tablets and smartphones with OTG (On-The-Go) functionality at a lower price point than built-in storage.

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Consumer DRAM

The DRAM we use at in our Desktop PCs, laptops and tablets at home is the same as we use in our machines at work.

Enabling users to create, process and communicate and do more of the things they love. Often these systems come with minimum system requirements and can quickly become out of date.

Installing more memory can significantly increase productivity and lengthen the life of your asset. Upgrading is a budget-friendly option as it is far more cost-effective than purchasing new kit.

Optimising the DRAM can improve performance with faster bootups, quicker load times and increase system responsiveness. Finding the right fit for your system is easy with the Kingston & Crucial Configurators, our team of experts and our E-tail partners.

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Consumer Memory Cards

Consumer grade cards are readily available ‘off the shelf’ from a whole host of manufacturers.

Simms carries the complete range of memory cards from Kingston Technology which include SD and microSD cards for a host of applications.

Kingston makes SD, CF and microSD flash memory cards for a variety of devices, such as digital cameras, Android™ phones, drones, dashcams and security cams.

Whether you are looking to capture 4K UHD video and burst mode photography or need a memory card to expand phone and PC storage, up to 512GB, Kingston has a solution.

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How Simms can help?

Vendor Engagement

When the supply chain is disjointed, product placement, promotions and demand generation can be out of sync and impact on sales.

Simms co-ordinates this for you.

We have outstanding relationships with key people at our vendors who can make fast decisions that help you leverage their brand and yours.

Range Management

Your IT category consists of 10,000’s of different products across multiple categories keeping on top of End of Life (EOL) and new product releases in each area can be a full-time job.

Simms does this for you.

Our team will proactively work with you and our vendors to ensure your range is up to date, problem areas addressed, and customers can migrate across to new technologies when EOL occurs.

Preferential Allocation

When memory shortages strike, or EOL occurs, stock availability for consumer memory typically is short lived. Unfortunately, their non-critical and low-cost nature means raw components are prioritised to other solutions.

Simms factor this in for you.

If you choose as your trusted partner, we get to know your demand and purchase cycles and can support you by acting fast on your behalf to secure allocation for you.