Aerospace & Defence storage applications require the highest level of performance and reliability often operating in hostile environments. Many systems within military and aerospace applications perform a function in some way related to mission-critical operations of the larger system and/or platform, making the performance, reliability and functionality of the memory devices imperative. Simms has many years’ experience in aerospace and defence systems from ground and communication systems, airborne platforms to naval surface and subsurface craft.

Simms Understands The Market

We understand for the Aerospace and Defence (A&D) industry the challenges lay in sourcing and integrating commercial off the shelf (COTS) components throughout the design and manufacture process. Our trusted consultants use their experience gained from 65 years of collaborating with our A&D partners to help guide you through the challenges and provide fit for purpose (FFP) solutions encompassed in an end to end support service. As specialists within the industry we know the challenges faced by increasing governmental compliance. It is essential you partner with a company who understands the importance of ethical sourcing and traceability. Our commitment to quality and the due diligence we undertake when selecting suppliers ensures you comply.

Innovation and Legacy Systems

We recognise innovation and cost continue to drive the use of COTS technology into Aerospace & Defence applications as companies look to integrate 21st century technology into legacy systems. Our dedicated focus to data storage technology and our technology migration services offer time and cost reduction allowing you to focus on your core capabilities. In our experience of A&D applications the data being recorded is often mission critical or highly sensitive. The problem is, when it comes to storage technology less than 5% of what is on offer in today’s market place is fit for purpose. Whilst this makes it more readily available it also brings a considerable risk to users where operational readiness and reliability are key considerations.

Are you still using legacy technology, such as PCMCIA flash storage cards? If yes then talk to us! Not only are we the largest supplier in Europe of PCMCIA cards but we can assist in you transferring to newer technology. View our PCMCIA page

Simms’s Expertise

Our unrivaled data storage expertise offers the perfect platform to ensure you get it right first time. Not only will we aid you in your search to find a best of breed technology factoring in the following considerations:

  • Size-Weight and Power (SWaP)
  • Security
  • Shock and Vibration Tolerance
  • Operating Temperature
  • Product Longevity
  • Technology Readiness
  • Obsolescence
  • Compliance
  • Conformity
  • Export Restrictions

Our people are well versed in supply chain management and hold security clearance (SC) so you can rest assure the information you give us will be handled with complete integrity and can be facilitated through your preferred channels.