With over 1 billion intelligent embedded systems in existence, the Transportation market sector is one the most varied and complex Simms operate in.  Due to the diversity of the different challenges faced on a global scale, innovative embedded designs are created to provide solutions and whilst each is fundamentally unique they are united by the need to be reliable, robust and offer long-term performance.

Simms Understands The Market

Intelligent transportation systems  are used for a wide variety of reasons most notably they enable passengers to be safer, better informed and allow a more dynamic user experience. Whilst allowing Transport providers the ability to monitor and manage assets, collect user data and enhance revenue.

Examples of OEM electronic systems where we have provided memory solutions for the transportation industry include;

  • Ticketing Machines
  • Fare Collection
  • Weight distribution
  • Journey Planning
  • Mapping
  • Passenger Announcement Systems
  • CCTV & DVR
  • Health Usage Monitoring (HUMS)
  • Signalling  
  • Passenger Counting

Environmental Concerns

The biggest challenge lies in creating intelligent systems that can handle the complex demands of the environments they are deployed within. The systems must provide faultless operation in applications that are subject to extreme temperatures, unstable power supply and heavy shock and vibration. Data devices that are used must be robust enough to handle the demands whilst offering long term reliability.

  • Simms’ range of industrial memory devices are designed to offer high endurance and protection from shock , vibration and sudden power outage.

Certification , Engineering Costs

Often the costs for certification to confirm to regulatory requirements are high and the remote nature of the systems can add significant engineering costs in the event of failure.

  • Simms’ BOM control, obsolescence management and just in time services allow system designers to manage risk and offer long term supply.

Space Limitations

On top of this many of these systems face size and cost restraints so design engineers need to consider a wide variety of small form factor boards such as COM, COM Express, EBX and single board computers.

  • Simms offer a wide selection of industrial memory device formats offering complete flexibility on interfaces and mechanical dimensions.


Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity and The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a world of possibility for system designers looking to address transportation challenges. This has led to an explosion of new technologies, funding and innovation of technologies. This is predicted to continue at a phenomenal rate as the technologies further improve passenger service and the benefits to transport providers.

  • Simms’ product migration expertise have successfully enabled system designers to transition legacy data storage technologies to more advanced solutions on a number of projects.