Product Launch: ATP NANODURA Dual B600Sc Series USB

USB 3.2 NANODURA Dual Type-A/Type-C connectors flash drive from ATP

Published 9 January 2024

SuperSpeed Data Transfers

ATP Electronics introduces the new NANODURA Dual B600Sc Series USB built to deliver extra storage and fast data transfers in a very compact design.

Compliant with the Superspeed USB 3.2 Gen1x1 specifications, these removable storage media can transfer data at speeds up to 5 Gb/s – a huge leap from USB 2.0 transfer speed of 480 Mb/s.

They are available in capacities from 32GB to 128GB and are fitted with USB Type A or optional USB Type A/Type C Dual Connectors, which support reversible plug orientation and USB On The Go (OTG).

The NANODURA Dual B600SC Series come with a Write Protection feature that allows users to lock/unlock the USB. This provides critical defence against malware infection, especially for portable devices storing Read-Only applications such as user manuals, maps, patients’ reports, and other important data. The Write Protection feature also prevents accidental overwrites.

While traditional USBs enable Write Protection with hardware, such as jumpers or switches, the ATP solution integrates Write Protect Commands into software tools for easy access and improved user interface. 
•    The system supports .dll and Command Prompt Commands (CMD) guidelines for customer software development. 
•    ATP provides its proprietary Windows tool for the convenient locking/unlocking of the USB

Key Features

  • Form Factor: USB flash drive (USB 3.2) Gen 1, backward compatible with USB 2.0
  • Connector Types:
    • USB Type-A
    • USB Type-A/Type-C Dual Connectors (optional)
  • Capacities: 32 GB to 128 GB
  • Operating Temp: C-Temp (0 to 70°C)
  • Endurance: Up to 84 TB
  • True Plug and Play connection, supports hot swap function
  • Advanced NAND management technology, global wear leveling algorithm
  • Customer content preload and customised laser engraving (value-added services)
  • Write Protection feature
AF32GUFN2NC-GBAXXATP 32GB USB 3.2 NANODURA Dual Type-A/Type-C connector B600Sc Series
AF64GUFN2NC-GBAXXATP 64GB USB 3.2 NANODURA Dual Type-A/Type-C connector B600Sc Series
AF128GUFN2NC-GBAXXATP 128GB USB 3.2 NANODURA Dual Type-A/Type-C connector B600Sc Series

Please speak to our experts today to learn more about the ATP USB 3.2 NANODURA Dual B600SC Series or to place your order.