Product Launch: Innodisk 3TV6-P

Published 3 January 2023

The 3TV6-P SSD with RECLine 2.0, feature zero frame loss, emergency quick erase functionality, sustained write performance with minimal deviation, a longer lifespan and higher capacities. The drives also feature Innodisk’s other industrial-focused technologies such as iCell, iDataGuard, and iPowerGuard. These features work together to create the most robust, reliable, and secure surveillance SSD on the market.

RECLine is a technology developed by Inndisk to ensure consistent write performance to the SSD, which ensures super smooth playback with no frame-loss.

Available in capacities from 128GB up to 4TB in both commercial and industrial grade temperatures, these drives utilise 112 layer 3D TLC NAND Flash enabling 3,000 programme erase cycles.


Download the datasheet for more information.