Encryption is key

Since 1983, Apricorn has developed dozens of award-winning external encrypted storage products to help protect data at rest. Every Apricorn Aegis drive is encrypted and authenticated using its onboard keypad and internal hardware. No software used, so no CSPs shared with the host device.

In response to the pandemic, organisations faced a unique challenge; deploying remote working strategies to allow their workforce to work from home overnight. Security risks increased with data outside the corporate network, especially on removable media. Now more than ever, encryption is vital. Cybercriminals don’t stop and will find any weakness to exploit and steal vulnerable data. Encrypted devices prevent data from falling into the wrong hands and help drive compliance towards GDPR policies.

Apricorn is trusted by industries such as financial, healthcare and education where protection of client/patient data is regulated. With 256-Bit AES encryption and NIST FIPS 140-2 validation up to level 3, Apricorn elevates your data protection above regulatory compliance.

The Apricorn product portfolio includes:

Encrypted USB | Encrypted HDD| Encrypted SSD | Aegis Configurator

Apricorn products and features overview

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