Move beyond processing power by choosing the right memory and storage technologies to give you more control over the essential systems that affect your business. We can help you scale, simplify, consolidate and automate to get the maximum value out of your data centre with Micron solutions.

Memory and storage are strategic differentiators for servers and data processing, allowing us to redefine how we use information. Micron’s innovative solutions are tailored to create the most powerful server boxes possible.

Worried about using third party DRAM in your system?

If you upgrade your server with Micron memory and storage you can significantly enhance system performance while still remaining in compliance with your OEM Warranty. Check your Manufacturer’s Warranty Terms.

Crucial Server DRAM is now Micron Server DRAM

Micron have aligned their memory and storage portfolio to enable all of your data center, cloud, and enterprise needs. This change includes the transition of the Crucial Server DRAM to the Micron brand. From silicon to system, Micron creates the server memory and storage that powers enterprises, making workloads faster, cost-effective, more reliable and efficient.

Crucial Std # Crucial Dashed # Crucial Extended # Micron Full P/N & Data sheet MT Description UPC for MT# Simms P/N
CT102472BD160B CT102472BD160B-18FP1 CT102472BD160B.18FP MT18KSF1G72AZ-1G6P1 DDR3 ECC UDIMM 8GB 2Rx8 1600 649528777003 MT18KSF1G72AZ-1G6P1
CT128G4YFJ426S CT128G4YFJ426S-2S6E1 CT128G4YFJ426S.36QE1 MTA144ASQ16G72PSZ-2S6E1 DDR4 RDIMM-3DS 128GB 8Rx4 2666 649528784483 MTA144ASQ16G72PSZ-2S
CT128G4ZFJ426S CT128G4ZFJ426S-2S6E1 CT128G4ZFJ426S.36QE1 MTA144ASQ16G72LSZ-2S6E1 DDR4 LRDIMM-3DS 128GB 8Rx4 2666 649528787484 MTA144ASQ16G72LSZ-2
CT128G4ZFJ429S CT128G4ZFJ429S-2S9E1 CT128G4ZFJ429S.36QE1 MTA144ASQ16G72LSZ-2S9E1 DDR4 LRDIMM-3DS 128GB 8Rx4 2933 649528787828 MTA144ASQ16G72LSZ-2S
CT16G3ERSLD4160B CT16G3ERSLD4160B-36FP1 CT16G3ERSLD4160B.36FP MT36KSF2G72PZ-1G6P1 DDR3 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx4 1600 649528777027 MT36KSF2G72PZ-1G6P1
CT16G4RFD4266 CT16G4RFD4266-2G6E1 CT16G4RFD4266.36FE1 MTA36ASF2G72PZ-2G6E1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx4 2666 649528787057 N/A
CT16G4RFD4266-2G6F1 CT16G4RFD4266.36FF1 MTA36ASF2G72PZ-2G6F1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx4 2666 649528786890 MTA36ASF2G72PZ-2G6F1
CT16G4RFD432A CT16G4RFD432A-3G2F2 CT16G4RFD432A.36FF2 MTA36ASF2G72PZ-3G2F2 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx4 3200 649528822390 MTA36ASF2G72PZ-3G2F2
CT16G4RFD8266 CT16G4RFD8266-2G6D1 CT16G4RFD8266.18FD1 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G6D1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx8 2666 649528780454 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G6D
CT16G4RFD8266-2G6E1 CT16G4RFD8266.18FE1 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G6E1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx8 2666 649528784223 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G6E
CT16G4RFD8266-2G6J1 CT16G4RFD8266.18FJ1 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G6J1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx8 2666 649528822307 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G6J
CT16G4RFD8293 CT16G4RFD8293-2G9E1 CT16G4RFD8293.18FE1 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G9E1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx8 2933 649528786081 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G9E
CT16G4RFD8293-2G9J1 CT16G4RFD8293.18FJ1 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G9J1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx8 2933 649528788078 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G9J
CT16G4RFD8293-2G9J3 CT16G4RFD8293.18FJ3 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G9J3 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx8 2933 649528789778 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G9J
CT16G4RFD832A CT16G4RFD832A-3G2E1 CT16G4RFD832A.18FE1 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-3G2E1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx8 3200 649528788658 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-3G2E
CT16G4RFD832A-3G2J3 CT16G4RFD832A.18FJ3 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-3G2J3 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 2Rx8 3200 649528789679 MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-3G2J
CT16G4RFS4266 CT16G4RFS4266-2G6D1 CT16G4RFS4266.18FD1 MTA18ASF2G72PZ-2G6D1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 1Rx4 2666 649528780966 N/A
CT16G4RFS4266-2G6E1 CT16G4RFS4266.18FE1 MTA18ASF2G72PZ-2G6E1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 1Rx4 2666 649528822284 MTA18ASF2G72PZ-2G6E1
CT16G4RFS4293 CT16G4RFS4293-2G9E1 CT16G4RFS4293.18FE1 MTA18ASF2G72PZ-2G9E1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 1Rx4 2933 649528786159 MTA18ASF2G72PZ-2G9E1
CT16G4RFS4293-2G9J3 CT16G4RFS4293.18FJ3 MTA18ASF2G72PZ-2G9J3 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 1Rx4 2933 649528789754 MTA18ASF2G72PZ-2G9J3
CT16G4RFS432A CT16G4RFS432A-3G2E2 CT16G4RFS432A.18FE2 MTA18ASF2G72PZ-3G2E2 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 1Rx4 3200 649528821423 MTA18ASF2G72PZ-3G2E2
CT16G4RFS432A-3G2J3 CT16G4RFS432A.18FJ3 MTA18ASF2G72PZ-3G2J3 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 1Rx4 3200 649528789730 MTA18ASF2G72PZ-3G2J3
CT16G4RFS832A CT16G4RFS832A-3G2B1 CT16G4RFS832A.9FB1 MTA9ASF2G72PZ-3G2B1 DDR4 RDIMM 16GB 1Rx8 3200 649528825407 MTA9ASF2G72PZ-3G2B1
CT16G4TFD8266 CT16G4TFD8266-2G6E1 CT16G4TFD8266.18FE1 MTA18ASF2G72HZ-2G6E1 DDR4 ECC SODIMM 16GB 2Rx8 2666 649528785862 MTA18ASF2G72HZ-2G6E1
CT16G4VFD832A CT16G4VFD832A-3G2E1 CT16G4VFD832A.18FE1 MTA18ADF2G72PDZ-3G2E1 DDR4 RDIMM VLP 16GB 2Rx8 3200 649528821102 MTA18ADF2G72PDZ-3G2E
CT16G4VFS432A N/A N/A MTA18ADF2G72PZ-3G2E1 DDR4 RDIMM VLP 16GB 1Rx4 3200 649528821157 MTA18ADF2G72PZ-3G2E1
CT16G4WFD8266 CT16G4WFD8266-2G6D1 CT16G4WFD8266.18FD1 MTA18ASF2G72AZ-2G6D1 DDR4 ECC UDIMM 16GB 2Rx8 2666 649528785015 N/A
CT16G4WFD8266-2G6E2 CT16G4WFD8266.18FE2 MTA18ASF2G72AZ-2G6E2 DDR4 ECC UDIMM 16GB 2Rx8 2666 649528822468 MTA18ASF2G72AZ-2G6E2
CT16G4XFD8266 CT16G4XFD8266-2G6E1 CT16G4XFD8266.18FE1 MTA18ADF2G72AZ-2G6E1 DDR4 ECC UDIMM VLP 16GB 2Rx8 2666 649528786234 MTA18ADF2G72AZ-2G6E1
CT32G4RFD4266 CT32G4RFD4266-2G6E1 CT32G4RFD4266.36FE1 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G6E1 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 2Rx4 2666 649528784216 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G6E1
CT32G4RFD4266-2G6J1 CT32G4RFD4266.36FJ1 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G6J1 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 2Rx4 2666 649528790040 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G6J1
CT32G4RFD4293 CT32G4RFD4293-2G9E2 CT32G4RFD4293.36FE2 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G9E2 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 2Rx4 2933 649528786227 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G9E2
CT32G4RFD4293-2G9J1 CT32G4RFD4293.36FJ1 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G9J1 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 2Rx4 2933 649528788092 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G9J1
CT32G4RFD4293-2G9J3 CT32G4RFD4293.36FJ3 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G9J3 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 2Rx4 2933 649528789792 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G9J3
CT32G4RFD432A CT32G4RFD432A-3G2E2 CT32G4RFD432A.36FE2 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-3G2E2 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 2Rx4 3200 649528788603 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-3G2E2
CT32G4RFD432A-3G2E7 CT32G4RFD432A.36FE7 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-3G2E7 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 2Rx4 3200 649528821447 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-3G2E7
CT32G4RFD432A-3G2J3 CT32G4RFD432A.36FJ3 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-3G2J3 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 2Rx4 3200 649528789693 MTA36ASF4G72PZ-3G2J3
CT32G4RFD8293 CT32G4RFD8293-2G9B2 CT32G4RFD8293.18FB2 MTA18ASF4G72PDZ-2G9B2 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 2Rx8 2933 649528821508 MTA18ASF4G72PDZ-2G9B
CT32G4RFD832A CT32G4RFD832A-3G2B2 CT32G4RFD832A.18FB2 MTA18ASF4G72PDZ-3G2B2 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 2Rx8 3200 649528822444 MTA18ASF4G72PDZ-3G2B
CT32G4RFS4293 CT32G4RFS4293-2G9B1 CT32G4RFS4293.18FB1 MTA18ASF4G72PZ-2G9B1 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 1Rx4 2933 649528821478 MTA18ASF4G72PZ-2G9B1
CT32G4RFS432A CT32G4RFS432A-3G2B1 CT32G4RFS432A.18FB1 MTA18ASF4G72PZ-3G2B1 DDR4 RDIMM 32GB 1Rx4 3200 649528823069 MTA18ASF4G72PZ-3G2B1
CT32G4VFS4293 CT32G4VFS4293-2G9B1 CT32G4VFS4293.18FB1 MTA18ADF4G72PZ-2G9B1 DDR4 RDIMM VLP 32GB 1Rx4 2933 649528825438 MTA18ADF4G72PZ-2G9B1
CT32G4WFD8266 CT32G4WFD8266-2G6B1 CT32G4WFD8266.18FB1 MTA18ASF4G72AZ-2G6B1 DDR4 ECC UDIMM 32GB 2Rx8 2666 649528821362 MTA18ASF4G72AZ-2G6B1
CT32G4WFD832A CT32G4WFD832A-3G2B1 CT32G4WFD832A.18FB1 MTA18ASF4G72AZ-3G2B1 DDR4 ECC UDIMM 32GB 2Rx8 3200 649528790231 #N/A
CT32G4XFD8266 CT32G4XFD8266-2G6B2 CT32G4XFD8266.18FB2 MTA18ADF4G72AZ-2G6B2 DDR4 ECC UDIMM VLP 32GB 2Rx8 2666 649528821539 MTA18ADF4G72AZ-2G6B2
CT64G4LFQ4293 CT64G4LFQ4293-2G9B1 CT64G4LFQ4293.36FB1 MTA36ASF8G72LZ-2G9B1 DDR4 LRDIMM 64GB 2Rx4 2933 649528822826 MTA36ASF8G72LZ-2G9B1
CT64G4RFD4293 CT64G4RFD4293-2G9B1 CT64G4RFD4293.36FB1 MTA36ASF8G72PZ-2G9B1 DDR4 RDIMM 64GB 2Rx4 2933 649528790200 #N/A
CT64G4RFD4293-2G9B2 CT64G4RFD4293.36FB2 MTA36ASF8G72PZ-2G9B2 DDR4 RDIMM 64GB 2Rx4 2933 649528821386 MTA36ASF8G72PZ-2G9B2
CT64G4RFD432A CT64G4RFD432A-3G2B2 CT64G4RFD432A.36FB2 MTA36ASF8G72PZ-3G2B2 DDR4 RDIMM 64GB 2Rx4 3200 649528821683 MTA36ASF8G72PZ-3G2B2
CT64G4YFQ426S CT64G4YFQ426S-2S6E1 CT64G4YFQ426S.36DE1 MTA72ASS8G72PSZ-2S6E1 DDR4 RDIMM-3DS 64GB 4Rx4 2666 649528784469 MTA72ASS8G72PSZ-2S6E
CT8G4RFD8266 CT8G4RFD8266-2G6F1 CT8G4RFD8266.18FF1 MTA18ASF1G72PDZ-2G6F1 DDR4 RDIMM 8GB 2Rx8 2666 649528787279 MTA18ASF1G72PDZ-2G6F
CT8G4RFD832A CT8G4RFD832A-3G2F2 CT8G4RFD832A.18FF MTA18ASF1G72PDZ-3G2F2 DDR4 RDIMM 8GB 2Rx8 3200 649528823038 MTA18ASF1G72PDZ-3G2F
CT8G4RFS8266 CT8G4RFS8266-2G6D1 CT8G4RFS8266.9FD1 MTA9ASF1G72PZ-2G6D1 DDR4 RDIMM 8GB 1Rx8 2666 649528780799 MTA9ASF1G72PZ-2G6D1
CT8G4RFS8266-2G6J1 CT8G4RFS8266.9FJ1 MTA9ASF1G72PZ-2G6J1 DDR4 RDIMM 8GB 1Rx8 2666 649528825452 MTA9ASF1G72PZ-2G6J1
CT8G4RFS8293 CT8G4RFS8293-2G9E1 CT8G4RFS8293.9FE1 MTA9ASF1G72PZ-2G9E1 DDR4 RDIMM 8GB 1Rx8 2933 649528786678 MTA9ASF1G72PZ-2G9E1
CT8G4RFS832A CT8G4RFS832A-3G2E2 CT8G4RFS832A.9FE2 MTA9ASF1G72PZ-3G2E2 DDR4 RDIMM 8GB 1Rx8 3200 649528821409 MTA9ASF1G72PZ-3G2E2
CT8G4XFS832A CT8G4XFS832A-3G2E1 CT8G4XFS832A.9FE1 MTA9ADF1G72AZ-3G2E1 DDR4 ECC UDIMM VLP 8GB 1Rx8 3200 649528821270 MTA9ADF1G72AZ-3G2E1
CTA18ASF2G72PF1Z CTA18ASF2G72PF1Z-2G6V21AB N/A MTA18ASF2G72PF1Z-2G6V21AB DDR4 NVRDIMM-PR 16GB 1Rx4 2666 649528781161 N/A
CTA18ASF2G72PF1Z-2G9WP1AB N/A MTA18ASF2G72PF1Z-2G9WP1AB DDR4 NVRDIMM-PR 16GB 1Rx4 2933 649528788146 MTA18ASF2G72PF1Z-2G9
CTA18ASF2G72XF1Z CTA18ASF2G72XF1Z-2G6V21AB N/A MTA18ASF2G72XF1Z-2G6V21AB DDR4 NVRDIMM no PR 16GB 1Rx4 2666 649528785305 N/A
CTA18ASF2G72XF1Z-2G9WP1AB N/A MTA18ASF2G72XF1Z-2G9WP1AB DDR4 NVRDIMM no PR 16GB 1Rx4 2933 649528820839 MTA18ASF2G72XF1Z-2G9
CTA36ASS4G72PF1Z CTA36ASS4G72PF1Z-2G9PR1AB N/A MTA36ASS4G72PF1Z-2G9PR1AB DDR4 NVRDIMM-PR 32GB 2Rx4 2933 649528788160 N/A

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