ATP Industrial grade eMMC

The ATP industrial e.MMC is an advanced storage solution that integrates NAND flash memory, a sophisticated flash controller, and a fast MultiMedia Card (MMC) interface in the same package. By incorporating these components in an integrated package, ATP e.MMC manages all background operations internally, freeing the host from handling low-level flash operations for faster and more efficient processing.

ATP e.MMC is built to meet the tough demands of industrial applications. As a soldered-down solution, it is secure against constant vibrations. Its industrial temperature rating means that severe scenarios from freezing cold -40°C to blistering hot 85°C will not cause adverse impact on the device or the data in it.

Current status: Available

Technical features

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• Device health report
• Boot operation
• Product state awareness
• Secure erase, secure trim
• Hardware reset signal
• Multiple partitions with enhanced attribute
• High-priority interrupt (HPI)
• Permanent and power-on write protection
• Background operation
• Command queuing
• Enhanced reliable write

Capacities range from 4GB to 128GB.

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Max Sequential Read / Write

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