Kingston DCP1000 SSD

Kingston’s DCP1000 solid-state drive delivers up to 1.25 million IOPs from a single device, with ultra-low transactional latency and high throughput, making it ideal for data centres that require extreme performance. It features ultra-fast NVMe PCIe Gen 3.0 x8, speeds of up to 7GB/s and hardware-based pFail. DCP1000 has flexible drive topology and supports flexible software RAID capability to save on redundant hardware costs. It supports 800GB to 3.2TB1 from a single HHHL card and can be optimised for performance or redundancy, and a single card can be configured for RAID via the host software.

It’s fast and economical to deploy, using native in-box NVMe drivers built specifically for PCIe-attached SSDs, and it’s plug-and-play with all major operating systems. It has UEFI boot support and low overhead architecture.

In addition to its standard electrolytic capacitor pFail design, DCP1000’s enterprise-class features include next-gen ECC data protection and end-to-end data path protection

Current status: Available

Technical features

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Data Integrity
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Power Failure Protection
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Shock and Vibration
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Supply Longevity

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Obsolesence Management

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  • Extreme performance for data centres
  • Flexible drive topology
  • Fast and economical to deploy
  • Enterprise-class SSD features
Capacity Part no.
1.6TB SEDC1000H/1600G
3.2TB SEDC1000H/3200G