Innodisk 3MG2-P 2.5″ SSD (MLC)

The Innodisk 2.5″ SATA SSD 3MG2-P is a SATA III 6Gb/s flash based disk, which delivers excellent performance, especially in random data transfer rate, and which offers reliability making it the ideal solution for a variety of applications including embedded systems, industrial computing and the enterprise field. The 3MG2-P  SSD has unmatched performance but is designed with Innodisk’s technical expertise to ensure the data integrity and highest levels of reliability. Additionally the 3MG2-P SATA SSD can support device sleep mode (DEVSLP) and thus be able to benefit in extreme low power consumption.

Current status: Available

Technical features

Data Integrity
Data Integrity
Power Failure Protection
Power Failure Protection
Shock and Vibration
Shock and Vibration
Supply Longevity
Supply Longevity

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  • 2.5” SATA III solution for industrial field
  • 7mm height mechanical design
  • High IOPS
  • Intelligent error recovery system
  • iSMART disk health monitoring
  • iData Guard for abnormal power failure
  • iCell technology for data protection (optional)
  • DEVSLP supported

Innodisk offer  two NAND Flash Options from Toshiba and Micron for the 3MG2-P 2.5″ SSD. Please refer to the part code tables below.

Part CodeCapacityToshiba NAND FlashOperating TempChannelsRead
DGS25-08GD81BC3SC8GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C114025
DGS25-16GD81BC3DC16GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C227045
DGS25-16GD81BC3SC16GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C214025
DGS25-32GD81BC3DC32GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C227045
DGS25-32GD81BC3QC32GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C452090
DGS25-64GD81BC1QC64GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C4520180
DGS25-64GD81BC3QC64GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C452090
DGS25-A28D81BC1QC128GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C4520300
DGS25-A28D81BC3QC128GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C4520180
DGS25-B56D81BC3QC256GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C4520350
DGS25-C12D81BC1QC512GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C4520450
DGS25-01TD81BCAQC1TBMLC 15nm0 to +70C4520450
DGS25-02TD81BCAQC2TBMLC 15nm0 to +70C4440420
DGS25-08GD81BW3SC8GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C114025
DGS25-16GD81BW3DC16GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C227045
DGS25-16GD81BW3SC16GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C214025
DGS25-32GD81BW3DC32GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C227045
DGS25-32GD81BW3QC32GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C452090
DGS25-64GD81BW1QC64GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C4520180
DGS25-64GD81BW3QC64GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C452090
DGS25-64GD81BW3QC128GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C4520300
DGS25-A28D81BW3QC128GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C4520180
DGS25-B56D81BW3QC256GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C4520350
DGS25-C12D81BW1QC512GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C4520450
DGS25-01TD81BWAQC1TBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C4520450
DGS25-02TD81BWAQC2TBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C4440420


Part No.CapacityMicron NAND  FlashOperating TempChannelsRead (MB/s)Write (MB/s)
DGS25-64GD81SCAQN64GBMLC L95 16nm0 to +70C444070
DGS25-A28D81SCAQN128GBMLC L95 16nm0 to +70C4510140
DGS25-B56D81SCAQN256GBMLC L95 16nm0 to +70C4520300
DGS25-C12D81SCAQN512GBMLC L95 16nm0 to +70C4510450
DGS25-01TD81SCAQN1TBMLC L95 16nm0 to +70C4520450
DGS25-02TD81SCAQN2TBMLC L95 16nm0 to +70C4440420
DGS25-64GD81SWAQN64GBMLC L95 16nm-40 to +85C444070
DGS25-A28D81SWAQN128GBMLC L95 16nm-40 to +85C4510140
DGS25-B56D81SWAQN256GBMLC L95 16nm-40 to +85C4520300
DGS25-C12D81SWAQN512GBMLC L95 16nm-40 to +85C4510450
DGS25-01TD81SWAQN1TBMLC L95 16nm-40 to +85C4520450
DGS25-02TD81SWAQN2TBMLC L95 16nm-40 to +85C4440420


With iCell

Part CodeCapacityToshiba NAND Flash

Operating Temp

DGS25-08GD81BC1SCP8GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C114025
DGS25-16GD81BC1SCP16GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C214025
DGS25-32GD81BC1DCP32GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C227045
DGS25-32GD81BC1QCP32GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C452090
DGS25-64GD81BC1QCP64GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C452090
DGS25-A28D81BC1QCP128GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C4520180
DGS25-B56D81BC1QCP256GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C4520450
DGS25-C12D81BC1QCP512GBMLC 15nm0 to +70C4520450
DGS25-01TD81BCAQCP1TBMLC 15nm0 to +70C4520450
DGS25-08GD81BW1SCP8GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C114025
DGS25-16GD81BW1SCP16GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C214025
DGS25-32GD81BW1DCP32GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C227045
DGS25-32GD81BW1QCP32GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C452090
DGS25-64GD81BW1QCP64GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C452090
DGS25-A28D81BW1QCP128GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C4520180
DGS25-B56D81BW1QCP256GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C4520450
DGS25-C12D81BW1QCP512GBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C4520450
DGS25-01TD81BWAQCP1TBMLC 15nm-40 to +85C4520450

With iCell

Part No.CapacityMicron NAND   FlashOperating TempChannelsRead (MB/s)Wrtie (MB/s)
DGS25-64GD81SCAQNP64GBMLC L95 16nm0 to +70C444070
DGS25-A28D81SCAQNP128GBMLC L95 16nm0 to +70C4510140
DGS25-B56D81SCAQNP256GBMLC L95 16nm0 to +70C4520300
DGS25-C12D81SCAQNP512GBMLC L95 16nm0 to +70C4510450
DGS25-01TD81SCAQNP1TBMLC L95 16nm0 to +70C4520450
DGS25-64GD81SWAQNP64GBMLC L95 16nm-40 to +85C444070
DGS25-A28D81SWAQNP128GBMLC L95 16nm-40 to +85C4510140
DGS25-B56D81SWAQNP256GBMLC L95 16nm-40 to +85C4520300
DGS25-C12D81SWAQNP512GBMLC L95 16nm-40 to +85C4510450
DGS25-01TD81SWAQNP1TBMLC L95 16nm-40 to +85C4520450




NAND Flash


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Form Factor

Operating Temperature


Power Protection


Max Sequential Read / Write

DRAM Buffer

ATA Security


Dimensions in mm (W x L x H)

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