Innodisk CompactFlash / iCF 9000 (MLC)

*** This product is End of Life ***

SLC version available here

The InnoDisk Industrial CompactFlash® 9000 Memory Card (iCF9000 MLC) products provide high capacity solid-state flash memory that electrically complies with the True IDE Mode that is electrically compatible with an IDE disk drive. The original CF form factor card can be used in any system that has a CF slot.

Current status: End Of Life

Technical features

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  • iSMART disk health monitoring
  • Intelligent error recovery system
  • Excellent data transfer speed
  • Write protection security
  • Enhanced power cycling management
Capacity0°C to +70°C -40°C to +85°C  
4GBn/aDC1M-04GD71AW1SCEnd of Life
8GBn/aDC1M-08GD71AW1DCEnd of Life
16GBn/aDC1M-16GD71AW1DCEnd of Life
32GBn/aDC1M-32GD71AW1QCEnd of Life
64GBn/aDC1M-64GD71AW1QCEnd of Life
128GBn/aDC1M-A28D71AW1QCEnd of Life


UDMA / Fixed Disk Mode Standard Setting
For other settings please contact us.

NAND Flash


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Form Factor

Power Protection

Max Sequential Read / Write


Max Power Consumption

ATA Security


Dimensions in mm (W x L x H)


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