Innodisk 1SE2 EDC (SLC)

The Innodisk Embedded DISK CARD 1SE2 (EDC 1SE2) products provide high capacity solid-state flash memory that electrically complies with the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association ATA standard. Innodisk Embedded DISK CARD 1SE2 (EDC 1SE2) is embedded solid-state data storage systems for industrial work place. Embedded DISK CARD 1SE2 (EDC 1SE2) features an extremely light weight, reliable, low-profile form factor.
Embedded DISK CARD 1SE2 (EDC 1SE2) supports advanced PIO (0-6), Multi Word DMA (0-4), Ultra DMA (0-6) transfer modes, multi-sector transfers, and LBA addressing.

Current status: Available

Technical features

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– iSMART disk health monitoring
– Intelligent error recovery system
– Excellent data transfer speed
– Write protection security
– Enhanced power cycling management

CapacityStandard Grade (0°C ~ +70°C)Industrial Grade (-40°C ~ 85°C)

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