Innodisk 3IE3 ServerDOM-H (iLSC)

The Innodisk 3IE3 ServerDOM supports the SATA III interface and has excellent performance and utilises  the innovative Pin8 which uses the SATA connector itself as a power supply to drive the device without external cables. It could be connected directly to the SATA on-board socket on the end users system without the need for an additional power cable. The Operational Boot time and the power consumption is considerably less than hard disk drives (HDD) and can work under harsh environments. No additional drives are required and the SSD can be configured as a boot device or data storage device.

Current status: Available

Technical features

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  • Bootable and compatible with all OS
  • Better reliability and MTBF than HDD
  • Small dimension for Blade or 1U servers
  • Compatible with Intel® RSTe
  • Cost effective storage solution
  • SATA Pin 8 VCC to enhance reliability and save space
  • Customizable for IPMI
  • Unexpected power loss protection
CapacityStandard Grade( 0°C to 70°C)Industrial Grade (-40°C to 85°C)

PN end with A: Pin8+ power cable

ATA Security


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Dimensions in mm (W x L x H)


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Form Factor

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Max Power Consumption

Max Sequential Read / Write

NAND Flash

Operating Temperature




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