Kingston DDR3/3L DRAM

Kingston DRAM components are designed to meet the needs of embedded applications and offer a low-voltage option for lower power consumption. Available in DDR3/3L (1600 and 1333Mhz) with ball grid array connectors for embedded assembly. Kingston offer both Wide Temperature (-40C to +95) and Normal Temperature Support (0C to + 95C).

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  • Double-data-rate architecture: two data transfers per clock cycle
    • The high-speed data transfer is realized by the 8 bits prefetch pipelined architecture
    • Bi-directional differential data strobe (DOS and /DQS) is transmitted/received with data for
    capturing data at the receiver
    • DOS is edge-aligned with data for READS; center-aligned with data for WRITES
    • Differential clock inputs (CK and !CK)
    • DLL aligns DQ and DOS transitions with CK transitions
    • Commands entered on each positive CK edge; data and data mask referenced to both
    edges of DQS
    • Data mask (DM) for write data
    • Posted /CAS by programmable additive latency for better command and data bus efficiency
    • On-Die Termination (ODD for better signal quality
    — Synchronous ODT
    — Dynamic CDT
    — Asynchronous ODT
    • Multi Purpose Register (MPR) for pre-defined pattern read out
    • ZQ calibration for DO drive and ODT
    • Programmable Partial Array Self-Refresh (PASR)
    • RESET pin for Power-up sequence and reset function
    • SRT range: Normal/extended
    • Programmable Output driver impedance control
30nm DDR3/3L PNCapacityDescriptionPackage sizeOrganization (words x bits)Speed MbpsVDD, VDDQOperating Temp.
D2516EC4BXGGB4Gb96 ball FBGA DDR3/3L9.0×13.5×1.2256MX1616001.35V*0°C ~ +95°C
D5128EETBPGGBU4Gb78 ball FBGA DDR3/3L9.0×10.6×1.2512Mx816001.35V*0°C ~ +95°C
D2516ECMDXGJD4Gb96 ball FBGA DDR3/3L9.0×13.5×1.2256MX1618661.35V*0°C ~ +95°C
D5128ECMDPGJD4Gb78 ball FBGA DDR3/3L9.0×10.6×1.2512Mx818661.35V*0°C ~ +95°C
D2516ECMDXGME4Gb78 ball FBGA DDR3/3L9.0×10.6×1.2256MX1621331.35V*0°C ~ +95°C

*Backward compatible to 1.5V VDD, VDDQ




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