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Pretec PCMCIA ATA Flash for PQAR and FDM / FDIMU Flight Data Recorders (SLC)

Pretec Ultra Rugged Metal Clipped & Filled PCMCIA ATA Flash Cards where designed specifically for use within the flight data capture market where a truly robust and reliable product is required.

The ultra-rugged PCMCIA ATA Flash discs have been designed specifically to withstand extremely harsh environments by implementing several modifications to the standard ATA Flash Disc and all being based on an extremely reliable Controller & Toshiba SLC NAND Flash IC’s.

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Technical features

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Pretec Lynx ATA Card uses SLC NAND flash, which leads to its remarkable high performance and comes with capacities from 128MB to 8GB. The Lynx ATA Flash Card performs sequential read/write for each sector (512 bytes) count. It also conforms to PCMCIA specification and is designed with precision mechanics to enable host devices to read/write from the PCMCIA interface into flash media. It can operate with a 3.3V or 5V single power from the host side.

The card provides extraordinary memory medium for PC, IPC or other ATA card compatible devices. Pretec ATA Card has been approved through various compatibility tests to be used in various portable applications based on notebook computers, (rugged) handheld devices (such as data-logger, measurement instruments etc.) and others. Therefore these are implemented in numerous medical, industrial and military applications and fulfil the strict requirements for these markets.

  • SLC (Single-Level-Cell) NAND Flash with a longer lifespan
  • PC Card Compliant
  • Supports all the following modes: PIO-6 / UMDA-4 / MwDMA-4
  • Ultra rugged metal card frame
  • Ideal for heavy program/erase applications
  • Enhanced endurance with Advanced Wear Levelling algorithm
  • Bad Block Management
NAND Flash


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Access Modes

Memory Card Mode, I/O Card Mode, True IDE Mode: PIO-6 UDMA-4 Multi-Word DMA-4

Form Factor

Operating Temperature

Power Protection

Max Sequential Read / Write


Max Power Consumption

Hardware Write Protect

DRAM Buffer


ATA Security


Dimensions in mm (W x L x H)


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Capacity-40°C to +85°C
128MB (Metal Rugged)PCL100128MM-HAS
256MB (Metal Rugged)PCL100256MM-HAS
512MB (Metal Rugged)PCL100512MM-HAS
1GB (Metal Rugged)PCL100001GM-HAS
2GB (Metal Rugged)PCL100002GM-HAS
4GB (Metal Rugged)PCL100004GM-HAS
8GB (Metal Rugged)PCL100008GM-HAS

Standard Card is Auto-detect transfer mode & Auto-Detect Fixed / Removable mode
For other settings please contact us.

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