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Accelerate performance for next-gen workloads with Micron DDR5 server DRAM

Last updated 1 February 2023

Relieve the bandwidth-per-core crunch to pill peak computing performance with the next generation of DDR. With 40 years experience in producing DRAM, speed up your application performance like never before with Micron DDR5 server DRAM: more than a generational jump in memory innovation.

Reverse that trend of decreased bandwidth per core, feed the rapidly growing processor core counts with memory bandwidth and capacity, plus enable nearly twice the data rates of DDR4.

Double the performance of DDR4 with DDR5

For CSPs (cloud service providers), hosting companies and data centres, take your server performance up by 85% with Micron's DDR5 server memory. This latest DDR gen runs more VMs (virtual machines) and increases the responsiveness of virtualised applications. The market and we at Simms expect DDR5 to overtake DDR4 as the global memory shipments in 2023, making it a fast transition between the two technologies.

Get more out of your server with Micron DDR5

Micron builds DDR5 Server Memory with power management integrated circuits (PMICs) on the module, which means you are not paying for power management for the entire system. This can initially mean a lower overall cost to power DDR5 servers versus DDR4 when some system slots are left open. Micron Server Memory is high quality and is typically less expensive than OEM server memory.



High-performance memory for a new era of data centres

Micron DDR5 Server Memory delivers higher bandwidths along with improved reliability, availability, and scaling, when compared to DDR4. It’s 100% component and module tested to mission-critical server standards and optimised for the next-generation Intel® and AMD® DDR5 server platforms. As one of three major memory manufacturers, Micron tests and validates its DDR5 server memory to work with all major DDR5 server platforms.

Why Micron quality gives a higher level of reliability

Server memory that’s built to last requires stable industry relationships and technology collaboration over multiple product cycles. With nearly 44 years of experience poured into die selection, DRAM and PCB design, module assembly, and testing from start to finish, Micron works closely with industry leaders in CPU and platform development as well as leading system and motherboard manufacturers to enable the next level of memory technology.

By collaborating with JEDEC to design DDR5 specs, and by instituting a one-of-a-kind DDR5 Technology Enablement Program (TEP), Micron leads the way in enabling the ecosystem transition to DDR5. Micron is a proven industry leader with the innovative expertise to not just sell, but engineer quality memory products for your servers from start to finish. Don’t settle for anything less

Micron and AMD Collaboration

Micron and AMD share a vision when it comes to enabling and supporting customers with leading computing, memory, and storage solutions. From HPC in the data centre to embedded technologies in automotive to products in the home, our collaboration in development and enablement has helped provide high performance, secure, and efficient customer deployments.

With AMD’s announcement of their 4th Gen AMD EPYCTM processors and Zen 4 server architecture, DDR5-equipped platforms are now commercially available for the data centre. These servers with Micron DDR5 memory provide data centre workloads with access to higher memory capacity and throughput, delivering the core-fuelling bandwidth for the most demanding data centre tasks.


Micron and Intel Collaboration

The Intel and Micron collaboration prioritises and enables best-in-class user experiences across key client and data center platforms. Together we validated the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family with Micron DDR5 and storage technologies which enable our customers – from client to cloud – to quickly and efficiently generate insights from data.

Intel has announced the latest generation of servers featuring 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. These processors will power a new generation of servers for mission-critical enterprise and cloud workloads which benefit from the significantly increased levels of bandwidth, performance, scalability and reliability enabled by Micron DDR5 memory.

Simms are a specialist distributor of Micron server DDR5, working with those in the data centre industry to supply and advise on such memory. Speak to Simms today about sourcing and supply of Micron DDR5 for your server environments.



Drew is Marketing Lead at Simms, leading our marketing department. Drew has a strong knowledge datacentre and server proposition, and leads on our industrial and embedded side of the business also.